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Service Industry is growing at an astonishing rate as the customers’ way of interacting with businesses is changing. Customers, being an integral part of the process, needs to be kept informed and in the loop with the business operations. But giving your customers access to the sensitive data can open your business to a lot of anomalies for which you might not be prepared.

Moreover, in this data-hungry world, you can never be too careful with your business documents and other data. To bridge the gap between the need to include customers in the process and at the same time securing the data from any future breach, we provide a dedicated solution. A customer portal where you have the right to share limited and relevant data with your customers. And at the same time providing seamless customer service at lesser operating costs.

key points

  1. Conventional Service Industry adapting New Age Customer Relationship Management Software
  2. Limitations of CRM creating a need for a solution
    1. Scrutinized Information Sharing process for sensitive information
    2. Inclusion of customers in the process but with limited access
  3. Service Customer Portal – A CRM Experience for Customers
  4. Core Features of Service Portal
  1. How Customer Portal Adds Value to Enterprises
  2. Features of a Dedicated Portal at a Glance
  3. Operational Flow that a Portal Renders at Work
  4. Strategic Objectives of a Service Portal
  5. How addition of the Portal affects the strategies of Service Industry
  6. Use Case / Case Study
  7. Benefits of a Dedicated Portal for Business Organizations
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