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Handling customers is a complicated affair and involves numerous factors. Different levels, roles, and processes are needed to run a good relationship with customers. An efficiently designed Customer Portal solves these complicacies while making it easy for enterprises to manage such affairs. A fully-functional Customer Portal proves to be the most effective, productive, and promising tool that handles customer relationships engagements with perfection.

Customer portal works as a new operational system for an organization. It automates everything and helps customers to get resolution of their complex needs with ticketing system. Customers can put their concerns and requirements on their service providers table without visiting their office or without calling a sales person. They can simply send their request over the portal by raising a ticket.

key points

  1. Some Major Facts and Figures
  2. Adoption of On-demand Services
  3. Challenges That Enterprises Face Without Customer Portal
  4. Where Does Customer Portal Become a Necessity?
  5. Leaving Behind “Between the Office Hours Approach”
  6. The Streamlined Customer Lifecycle in CRM
  1. Reasons to Have a Customer Portal
  2. Bring Future Prospective to Businesses
  3. Customer Portal Functionality Checklist
  4. Handy Tips to Design and Develop the Perfect Customer Portal
  5. Case Study on Customer Portal
  6. An Umbrella of Solution for All Industries
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