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Education industry is all about sharing knowledge with multiple stakeholders. Teachers, parents, students, administrators, etc. And it’s not only syllabus, various types of data including student information; personal & performance, fees structure & status, documents, etc. also play a vital role in any institute. This industry’s success is dependent on how well an institute is sharing and storing their data, for which an education portal is an ideal solution.

A full-fledged education portal becomes an intellectual capital base where all the knowledge and research is stored. There are multiple ways an institute can leverage such a huge intellectual base and enhance their prestige. Such a portal becomes an effective knowledge management software. And when done right, could lead to better decisions, reduced curriculum & research development cycle, lesser costs, improved academic services, and more.

key points

  1. Making the learning process more learned with Education Portal
  2. Online Education via Portals
    1. Networking Portals
    2. Resource-based Portals
    3. Organizational Portals
  1. The New Horizon: Digital Education
    1. Dedicated Portal for Schools, Colleges, and Institutions
      1. School Management Portal Features
      2. Portal System Structure
      3. Portal System Flow
    2. E-Learning Portal for Online Education
      1. Virtual Classrooms
      2. Architecture & Modes of Interaction
      3. Features that E-learning Portal Renders
  2. Educating the Education of Tomorrow with Portal
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