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Retail stores require management beyond just stocking shelves properly. Employees in the store have to interact with customers, manage inventory, and payment through various modes, including a lot of other tiny details.

Therefore the use of a retail portal assists quick checkouts, order placement, inventory management and even elements that help employees cross sell items. Explore the Whitepaper that talks about the nuances of it in terms of various types of retail portals depending on the use case. There are also details regarding how to use one for targeted benefits, franchises, and even in your point-of-sale system.

The retail portal streamlines customer interaction in your store and guides employees through it. It also organizes various tasks and aspects of the store, thus making management easier and smoother.

key points

  1. Why Retail Portal?
  2. Benefits of Custom Retail Portal
  3. How Product Retailers Can Use Portal in B2C
  1. Utility of Retail Portal for Retailers that are Managing Chain of Stores or Franchise.
  2. Retail Portal and POS/Kiosk
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