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Customers posses a need to have adequate knowledge about the product, services, company of the product or service that they consume or operate. They might also need some help when they are stuck or facing difficulties. There are possibilities of them being curious enough to ask questions. Similarly, there are umpteen situations where users require support document form employees. Thus, asking for support documents manually through emails, calls and office visit consumes unnecessary time of both; employees as well as customers.

Here, implanting a Knowledge Portal helps Portal helps organizations to develop a dynamic platform where organizations can upload their documents and share it with users. It will help users to access documents from knowledge base just by logging in without any requests. Enterprise can modify the portal that allows access to partners and vendors for their crucial documents related to their engagement.

A knowledge portal comes with numerous useful features for the enterprises that boost productivity while reducing human efforts.

key points

  1. Why Knowledge Portal is Necessary?
  2. Online Assistance for Customers
  3. Utility Rich and Product Information Sharing Platform with Knowledge Portal
  1. How Knowledge Portal is Helpful?
  2. Benefits of a Knowledge Portal
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