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A Vendor Portal ensures that all enterprise participants fully meet their expectations and obligations while delivering the objectives that are intended from their contract. It drives the operations in parallel ways, at the same time. One part of the portal processing builds good business relationships between the vendors and service or product provider. Another part is, to help organizations manage their contracts proactively in order to anticipate future needs, as well as reacting to situations that arise.

Merchant Vendor Portal also makes you and your suppliers more efficient with a powerful platform for online collaboration. It empowers suppliers to access the latest information while having insights of their relationship with customers. On the other hand, it gives complete complete control to organization to manage their engagement with suppliers and vendors.

key points

  1. Introduction
  2. Areas to Focus
    1. Market Intelligence Benchmarking
    2. Categorize Sourcing & Support
    3. Procurement Metrics
  3. Lower Costs and Improve Supplier Service with Online Collaboration
    1. A Dedicated Vendor/Supplier Portal Can help Organization in
    2. Hurdles That Vendor/Supplier Portal Overcome
  1. Perfecting the Contract Processing Cycle With Portal
    1. Enhancing Involvement of Vendors & Suppliers with Portal
    2. Bettering The Process With Vendor/Supplier Portal
  2. Benefits of a Streamlined Portal for Vendors & Suppliers
  3. Why Vendor and Supplier Performance Management are Important?
  4. Stages of Managing Vendor/Supplier Engagements
  5. Vendor & Supplier Portal Challenges
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