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Affiliate programs are more specific towards products and centred around the commission generation. Managing these features is a tough task as the data they process is critical and possess numerous complexities. It is also difficult to go manage all these information sharing and handling through emails. Here, an Affiliate Portal can help the organizations to build a dynamic solution that will help them to streamline their engagement with affiliates while attending everything with efficiency.

It offers merchants and publishers complete confidence in Affiliate Marketing schemes. It creates an environment that has productive processing and works transparently. It enables merchants to know that they only pay for the completion of clearly defined end user tasks, and publishers will be rest assured knowing they will be paid for their efforts.

key points

  1. The Global Market: Merchants, Publishers, and End Users
  2. Reason to Have a Affiliate Portal
  3. Problems Transformed to Solutions
    1. General Problems That Organization Face
    2. Solution That Portal Renders
  1. Core Features of Affiliate Marketing That a Portal Checks
  2. How Advertisers Currently Use Data
  3. Affiliate Data Futures
  4. Objective of The Affiliate Portal
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