Salesforce Service Cloud Services

Hire the premier Salesforce Service Cloud company to enhance customer experience. We help to automate all your business processes by implementing the best Salesforce Service Cloud services and intelligent workflows. We have a team of certified Salesforce Service Cloud developers who will assist you with smart, robust, and personalized Salesforce Service Cloud service offerings. We help you integrate the Salesforce Service Cloud with your existing system that offers a 360-degree view of your customers.

Why You Should Choose Salesforce Service Cloud Services

Service Cloud is an award-winning component of the Salesforce ecosystem for business and marketing operations. It boasts of increasing Salesforce Customer Satisfaction by almost 32%. Below, we have mentioned a few more reasons why you should choose Salesforce Service Cloud services:

  • Streamlined calls, reduced issue resolution time, and improved customer satisfaction

  • Includes case management, support ticketing, pre-built integration apps, and queue management

  • Automated workflows increase the efficiency of customer service teams

  • Establishes reputation in the online space, increasing sales opportunities

  • Empowers agents to offer personalized customer experiences

  • Helps businesses to set up a self-service help center

Salesforce Service Cloud Services That We Offer

Leverage the services of the premier Salesforce Service Cloud company to drive your business towards the path of success. Add unmatched value to your business with our robust services.

Service Cloud Consulting

Service Cloud Consulting

When it comes to Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, we provide the best advice that guarantees success for your business. Our team of certified Salesforce Service Cloud consultants offers you various recommendations. These recommendations help you to set up a Service Cloud with your existing system, enhancing productivity.

Service Cloud Integration

Service Cloud Integration

Our Service Cloud integration service enables you to offer a more personalized customer experience to your end-users through agents or bots. Our team of experts guides you at every step of the Salesforce Service Cloud integration in your business, empowering you to deliver top-notch customer support to customers.

Salesforce Service Cloud Customization

Salesforce Service Cloud Customization

Many businesses require more than just the configuration or a no-code approach to overcome the challenges. We help you to accomplish these objectives with our Salesforce Service Cloud customization that includes creating new custom objects, customizing standard objects, Visualforce pages, Apex classes and triggers, Lightning components, and more.

Salesforce Service Cloud Migration

Salesforce Service Cloud Migration

Enhance your service team’s efficiency and offer more personalized customer service by migrating your existing service platform with the Salesforce Service Cloud. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who will assist you in the seamless migration of your existing platform to the Service Cloud and that too with foolproof security.

Omni-Channel Routing Setup

Omni-Channel Routing Setup

Conquer multiple communication channels like email, web, mobile live agent chats, community sites, video chats, and social media with an omnichannel routing setup. Our experts will help you in an omnichannel routing setup that brings cases from all the various channels along with routing them intelligently to respective agents based on multiple complex pre-set conditions.

Key Service Cloud Features

Key Service Cloud Features

Salesforce Service Cloud comes with a bunch of rich features. Have a look at them one by one to get a clear understanding of their advanced functionalities.

Case Management

Case management routes the case requests to those agents who are skilled enough to resolve them. Its setup includes case creation using Answer site, Web-to-Case, Email-to-Case, etc.

Case study

Why Choose CRMJetty?

There are many reasons why CRMJetty is a one-stop destination for Portal solutions. Some of them are mentioned below.

Still Have Questions? Check Out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have tried to cover almost everything you need to know about our Salesforce Service Cloud services. But if there is still something you need to know, get in touch with us.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a Salesforce product that offers automated workflows, a complete view of your customer, and enables faster, smarter, and more personalized services across multiple channels.

How does Service Cloud improve agent productivity?

Salesforce Lightning Console provides a powerful tool that empowers agents to respond to their customer’s inquiries quickly across channels. Also, it offers an intuitive interface that provides a comprehensive knowledge base and a complete view of customers.

What reports and dashboards are available in Service Cloud?

There are many customizable Salesforce dashboards and reports available that help you track KPIs along with information regarding CRC performance, helpdesk, call center, etc.

How much will it cost for Salesforce Service Cloud Services?

The cost of our Salesforce Service Cloud Services totally depends on your business requirements. You can get in touch with our Salesforce representatives and get a ballpark estimate for your business requirements.

How much time does it take for Salesforce Service Cloud Services?

Similar to cost, the time also depends on your business requirements. Once our developers understand your requirements, then we can provide you with an estimated delivery time.

Do I need to sign NDAs and SLAs with CRMJetty?

Yes. We sign NDAs and SLAs with our clients for transparency and confidentiality.

Boost Efficiency of Service Agents and Reduce Support Costs

Leverage our 8+ years of Salesforce Service Cloud services experience and increase your service agent’s productivity along with cutting down on your support costs. Reach out to us to discuss Salesforce Service Cloud services possibilities now.

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