Dynamics 365 Customer Service Customization

Need Dynamics 365 Customer Service tailored to your needs? Then wait no more! We can customize the customer service module as per your requirements so you can deliver faster and great customer experiences. Apply customization and tailor this module to your specific needs like custom branding, integrations, workflows, etc. With over 8 years of experience, CRMJetty – a Microsoft Silver Partner, offers industry-focused customizations for Dynamics 365 Customer Service Modules. Let’s discuss your requirements to get you started.

Wide Customization Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

What if you want to customize your case management flows to automate customer service processes? You can definitely do that with a bit of effort of customization. Your business is unique and has demands that the default flow of Dynamics 365 Customer Service might not be able to fulfill. That is when CRMJetty can help you customize almost everything to help you elevate your customer support and retain more customers.

  • You can automate your routine operations and business rules

  • Customize your cases management workflows to automate customer service processes

  • Tack and use information specific to your business with data structure customization

  • Create custom forms for surveys, quizzes, and polls with customized forms

  • Power up your post-sales processes with custom-built flows

  • Integrate 3rd party tools to extend the functionality of this module

Dynamics 365 Customization Services We Offer

While the customer service module allows you to increase customer satisfaction by reducing the time spent on each case and call, customizing it helps you automate your manual tasks. This will result in automated workflows and modules customized as per your needs, enabling you to provide excellent customer service.

Customer Module Consultation

Customer Module Consultation

Suppose you need some consultation help; we are here to help! We help you simplify your post-sale customer module flow with a few clicks. It will enable you to have a module configured as per your business flow and processes.

3rd Party Module Integration

3rd Party Module Integration

Extend the capabilities of your Dynamics 365 Customer Service module with third-party integrations like Twolio, Sendgrid, etc. There are a lot of tools available that you can integrate that help you do more with less time and with the advanced features of these tools.

Customer Service Customization

Customer Service Customization

Post-sales processes are crucial, and if gone wrong, it becomes hard to retain your customers. When you automate your post-sales process with custom-built workflows, it minimizes the groundwork and lets you focus on improving the post-sales processes.

Cases Management

Cases Management

You can do a lot to make case management tailored to your needs. Automatic case creation, automatic case routing, merging similar cases, critical case information, etc. Create custom workflows that suit your business requirements and needs.

Entitlements & SLAs Management

Entitlements & SLAs Management

Define how fast cases need to be resolved and whether they should be escalated is managed under entitlements. Also, manage SLAs to properly determine whether you describe customers’ rights for different customer services.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Create reports as per the required dimensions and metrics that help you make great decisions. You can also create customized dashboards tailored to your needs. This helps you have a quick overview of how things are going.

A Quick Look at How We Customize Dynamics 365 Customer Service

With straightforward and agile approaches, we make sure to provide you with better outputs that exceed your expectations.

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Why Partner with CRMJetty

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we cater to many businesses like yours for their Dynamics 365 customization needs. Here is what makes us your perfect partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dynamics 365 Customer Service be customized?

Yes, anyone can customize Dynamics 365 Customer Service as per their business requirements.

Is it worth customizing Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Absolutely! Here are some fantastic outcomes you can expect:

  • Increase agents’ productivity due to custom workflows tailored to their needs.
  • Increased customer loyalty because of faster case resolution.
  • Elevate the number of successfully resolved customer cases with a customized module for your business needs.

Want to Customize Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module?

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