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Web Portal for Customer Support

You can manage support tickets, live chat, and even schedule appointments using our Web Portal Solutions. A well-architectured Web Portal for Customer Support can help businesses increase customer retention by more than 33%. It is one of the most essential tools your support team require to manage various facets of your customer services, keeping up with customer expectations, and defining a system-driven process.


Web Portal for Partners, Vendors, and Affiliates

The use case of Web Portal development varies from one business to another. The basic concept it operates on is to create a repository and a medium for your stakeholders to have a managed space to interact with your business. Be it a Partner, a Vendor, an Affiliate, or may be an Investor meet-up place. You must choose a developer with technical expertise (of course) and wide knowledge on the architecture for these type of custom Portal Development Projects.

Unique Features You Can Get...

Dedicated Space

You can have a dedicated web space for your customers, partners, vendors, affiliates, or any other stakeholders. Outside the boundaries of your primary website.

Custom Business Logic

We have a ready-to integrate products for some of the CRMs. However, our learning suggests that a web portal is driven by business logic and it varies from one business to another. Custom Web Portal development will make it possible for you to incorporate a personalized space with your business logic implemented.

Products, Services, Payment Gateways, and More

It is completely in your control whether to add specific products or services for a set of customers e.g. a Rewards Portal. Build an end to end solution and explore the possibilities with the help of our skilled developers.

Accounting & Invoicing

Most affiliate portals and partner portals require this feature without a compromise. You must provide an option to your stakeholders to generate reports for their account.


Using our services, we can build a Web Portal for your business that is an extension of your CRM. Alternatively, you can choose to develop a web-based portal independent of the CRM. Either way, the database remains on your servers and your security remains intact.

Service Models


Our Existing Products

Check out our SuiteCRM, SugarCRM, Dynamics CRM and Salesforce plugins for CRM Portals.


New Development

We can build a custom portal development for CRM Portal or a Web Portal independent of the CRM.


Updates on Existing Portal

We also offer technology migration, atypical repair & maintenance of the existing portal, or need to fix the bugs & security glitches for your existing portal and web applications.
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We are a CRM Consultancy. We can always find a workaround to ensure, we can find the most effective way to deliver your requirements. And, we always look forward to ensuring that our solution remains viable for your business.

Why Build a Custom Web Portal?


Integral to Decision Making Process

The advantage of a ready-to-integrate Portal solution is that it saves a lot of time. As long as it meets majority of your requirements, you should go ahead with that choice. However, what are the odds of finding a solution that meets your requirements and your budget, too? The alternative is the custom web portal development. Would that not be an ideal choice to explore that option while you evaluate all possibilities?!


Unique Identity

While managing your website, you need to maintain consistency for the logo, the header-footer, and even the font-style. Why? Because it matters to your brand. It builds your identity in the ocean of websites on the internet. Is it not important to keep that identity uptight? Yes, using any ready-to-integrate web portal solution, you can add your brand identity. However, the solution built for your business logic, expresses your brand, and your brand alone can keep up with your unique identity.


Using a Custom CRM

If you are using a custom CRM with a number of custom modules, there is no way a ready-to-integrate solution will work for you. In order to interact with your CRM with your customizations, you will always be in need of custom solutions where interaction between these modules will be required. In another instance, you are using a CRM that is not as popular as some other, there is a very distinct possibility of a ready-to-integrate solution. Our team can help you build a custom web portal.




HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript (Angular, React), jQuery



Core PHP, CakePHP



WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke


Cross Platform

Ionic, Xamarin



SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce


  • Banking & Insurance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharma
  • Services


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