Educate the Future - Taking Schools Online

Reading Time: 15-20 mins


Education industry is all about sharing knowledge with multiple stakeholders. Teachers, parents, students, administrators, etc. And it’s not only syllabus, various types of data including student information; personal & performance, fees structure & status, documents, etc. also play a vital role in any institute. This industry’s success is dependent on how well an institute is sharing and storing their data, for which an education portal is an ideal solution.

A full-fledged education portal becomes an intellectual capital base where all the knowledge and research is stored. There are multiple ways an institute can leverage such a huge intellectual base and enhance their prestige. Such a portal becomes an effective knowledge management software. And when done right, could lead to better decisions, reduced curriculum & research development cycle, lesser costs, improved academic services, and more.


  1. Making the learning process more learned with Education Portal
  2. Online Education via Portals
    1. Networking Portals
    2. Resource-based Portals
    3. Organizational Portals
  1. The New Horizon: Digital Education
    1. Dedicated Portal for Schools, Colleges, and Institutions
      1. School Management Portal Features
      2. Portal System Structure
      3. Portal System Flow
    2. E-Learning Portal for Online Education
      1. Virtual Classrooms
      2. Architecture & Modes of Interaction
      3. Features that E-learning Portal Renders
  2. Educating the Education of Tomorrow with Portal