Web Portal and Its Application in 7 Major Industries

Web Portal and Its Application in 7 Major Industries

Kanchi Vasavada

August 26th, 2020

When you Google ‘What is a portal?’, it says that it’s a gateway or a door. But it also says that it’s a website or a webpage providing access to other sites.

In other words, it gives a limited amount of access to a specific group of people. The extent and type of access varies from industry to industry. Just as a door is customizable, you can approach a custom portal development company for a custom web portal crafted according to your specific needs.

An online portal is an individual key to a particular part of a mammoth database. The individuals with access can edit only certain parts of this vast interconnected data. Portals can be convenient in a number of industries.

In this blog post, we are going to explore the application of web portals in the following industries:

  • Education Industry
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Medical Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Trading Industry
  • Real Estate Industry

Education Industry:

An educational institute has a central database with information about the teaching staff, the administrative staff as well as the students. An educational web portal could give access to all of these people to assist them in their jobs.

A teacher would be able to do the following tasks:

  • Manage various classes they teach
  • Mark student attendance
  • Plan the semester’s schedule
  • Arrange the timetable
  • Upload important class related information, as well as homework
  • Upload marks or grades of each exam and quiz.

Similarly, students can:

  • Check their attendance of each class
  • Submit medical leaves
  • Check their marks to see their progress
  • Keep up with the notices from the school

The administrative staff can use the same database to:

  • Keep a record of the fees
  • Consolidate grade reports
  • Have an overview of the entire school’s operations

Learn more about Education Portal here.

Nonprofit Organization:

Nonprofit portal
Using portals for your nonprofit can help you to streamline operations like handling donations, managing volunteers, handling their tasks and schedules, and provide all your constituents with a hassle-free experience so that you can focus on changing the world one donation, one event, and one volunteer at a time.

What comes in a Nonprofit portal?

Non-profit Specific Features

  • Donation Module
  • Automated Fund Transfer Scheduling
  • Fundraising Campaign & Event Management
  • On-Boarding Volunteers
  • Volunteer’s Timesheet Management
  • Knowledgebase

General Features

  • Secure Access
  • Unique profiles
  • Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • Live chat
  • Receipt Management

A customizable and scalable nonprofit portal can help you scale and grow at your pace. It gives you a chance to interact with all the parties like volunteers, donors, etc. about your causes, campaigns, events, and whatnot giving your organization a chance to leave this world a better place.

Learn more about Non-profit Portal.

Medical Industry:


A medical portal will have:

  • Test results
  • CT scans
  • X-Rays
  • Other patient medical information

Apart from doctors, the patients can also access their individual files, they can also have information about their progress.

Other Use Cases:

Streamlined Transplant & Transfusion Process: A medical portal can also make organ transplant or blood transfusion process more efficient. All of the patient’s details are available to the hospital so they can match blood types and match organs to recipients in a timely manner.

External Collaboration: Hospitals have to collaborate with governmental authorities, blood banks, and organ transplant authorities. When each patient file is in the database with their blood types and organ donation details, it will streamline the process and benefits, for both the patient as well as the concerned organizations. The hospital needs to be in connection with governmental authorities as they deal with births and deaths on a daily basis. They also treat criminals and victims of crime, so it is important for them to keep the authorities updated with the patient’s medical records.

Learn more about Healthcare portal here.

Pharma Industry:


In the pharmaceutical industry, a web portal is a great way to keep track of each patient’s medical history. A pharmacist can fill prescriptions accordingly. The patient can also put in an order for their medicines according to their prescriptions. This helps regulate patient’s drug intake and at the same time limits the chances of misuse.

This portal also connects the pharmacist to each patient’s doctor, so that they get updated medical information from them. Due to this connection, the pharmacist can verify prescriptions before approving any patient’s prescription request.
Since this database has all of the patient’s details including allergies, it eliminates the risk that comes with variants of a particular medicine.

Banking Industry:


A bank has complicated, sensitive database. This portal can give access to clients to their bank accounts in a secure manner so that they can carry out transactions from anywhere in the world without having to go to a bank.
Other features that banking portal can have are:

  • PIN generation for a debit or credit card. If you can change your PIN after each transaction, it is more secure.
  • Ordering new cheque books
  • Managing loans & monthly bills

The banking industry has various departments within itself and therefore a banking portal brings together a number of these departments for all clients to get seamless service.

Banking portal for companies:

Not all clients that a bank has are individuals. Banks have salary accounts of many employees of various companies varying in scale. A banking portal for a company gives them access to transfer the right amount of salary into each employee’s account without making errors. This portal also allows the company to make transactions with fellow businesses. Banks deal with interbank transactions as well, via web portals.
A banking portal is the net banking services that everyone is already familiar with. It is available on the web as well as an app.

Trading Industry:


There are two types of trading portals:

  • Trading Portal: Stock Market
  • Trading Portal: Forex Market

These portals deal with extremely sensitive data. The forex trading portal maintains the client’s portfolio of currencies that they own. A trading web portal also lets you buy and sell currencies. The easy buying and selling of currencies come in handy when you are trying to make transactions in other currencies.
Forex trading accounts or demat accounts are often tied up with banks. So a trading portal integrates with a bank, but with a separate login then that of the net banking service.

Learn more about Finance Portal.

Real Estate Industry:

Real Estate Industry

Real estate industry has many stakeholders including admin, property owners, agents, and customers. The communication needs to be streamlined to close deals and agents and admins need to have a 360 view of all the prospective buyers/renters.

Doing all this manually can definitely become tedious, time-consuming, and is always going to be unorganized.

This is where a real estate portal comes in the picture.

It can help you:

  • Manage properties, agents, buyer/renters, sellers
  • List properties so customers can browse at their own leisure
  • Enable customers and sellers to carry out smooth operations like listing, selling or renting properties
  • Build transparency by showcasing agent profiles, property details, people interested in buying or renting properties.

And much more.

With the help of a real estate portal, you can help your customers to find their dream home with just a few clicks.

Real estate portal specific features:

  • Broker management
  • Property management
  • Seller management
  • User specific features

General features:

  • Geo location
  • Media
  • Various filters

Real estate portals will help you to serve better to your customers and make all the operations of searching home easy. Rather than going from block to block to see homes, they can even have 360 degree view of their future homes at fingertips.

Learn more about Real Estate Portal.

Web portals are essential to all these businesses, whether they work in B2B or B2C. Not all portals are the same.

There are a lot of companies that provide portals, and a few of them provide custom portal development solutions. CRMJetty is one such company that provides web portal solutions for all of these industries.

Since web portals function as doors to the connected database, it is vital that they are also secure. As a web portal development company, it is our duty to make sure that all our products provide a secure gateway to your business. Therefore, we store nothing on our servers, and your servers can directly host the portal. Security is essential when it comes to these industries that have sensitive personal, and or financial data of millions of people.

For more information on custom portal development queries, please contact us here.

Writer’s Note: This blog has written in collaboration with Hiral Thaker.

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