Nuances of Real Estate Portal Development

An industry as complex and multifaceted as real estate requires a portal solution that can handle it all. Bifurcated based on levels like admin, agents, sellers/owners, and buyers/renters, our real estate portal development team has built a product that brings ease of operations to all.

Geo Location

Properties are listed on a visual map view as well to get a clearer idea of the area, proximity to schools, public transport, hospital, businesses, and recreational areas.


Each property comes with photos, videos, 3D, and VR tours. It also includes floor plans of the building area as well as an outdoor area if it may be a part of the property. Virtual tours give a more detailed idea about a property’s features, space, and more.

Sorting and Filters

The portal comes with plenty of categorization in terms of the type of property, number of rooms, garage, view it has, as well as little features like whether it has a fireplace or patio, etc.

Property Management

Admin will have total control over which property gets listed. They can add, edit, delete, and manage properties along with brokers and sellers. And the properties added by brokers and sellers can be approved or rejected by the admin based on the set or agreed on criteria.

Agent/Broker Management

Admin will have the full right to accept or reject applications of any of the brokers that are trying to sell or rent properties from their area on the real estate portal. Furthermore, they’ll also be able to add new brokers from their end or delete any of the existing broker’s profile if they violate any of the rules to keep the real estate portal a legitimate marketplace without any funny business.

Seller Management

Apart from brokers, a single seller is also an entity that can add their properties to sell or rent on the real estate portal. The admin will have similar rights for seller management as they have for agents/brokers.

Customer Management

Other parties that will play a crucial role in the success of your real estate portal are the buyers/end customers. The admin will have the right to manage the customers. They can also delete the customers if found violating any of the platform’s policies or rules.

Legal Formalities

Change in the ownership of land or renting or leasing any property requires a lot of legal work. If not done right, your company can be held responsible for the deal gone bad. So, for smooth transitions, the admin will have the right to ask for the legal property documents as well as proof of identity from buyers as well as sellers and agents.

Profile Management

Your brokers or sellers will be able to manage the details of their profile like name, contact details, properties, documents, and more.

Property List Management

Brokers/sellers who register with you will be given the functionality to add multiple property listings. They can add the name, locality, details like property type, area, status, furnishing, images, about the property, and more. They can manage the details as per their requirement.

Performance Tracking

Brokers/sellers can get an overview of how their properties are doing in terms of visits, traffic on their property pages, clicks on the contact button, wishlist, and the number of leads. This will make your portal the place to be for your brokers since they know what’s going on with their properties at a glance.

Customer Management

Brokers/sellers can manage the potential buyers by categorizing them in the backend by using customized tags that they can easily create. This will help them understand the complete scenario of where they stand with a particular customer. They can also delete any customer from their directory or potential leads to keep their lead data clean and organized.

Communication Management

They can manage the means through which they communicate with potential buyers. The portal can have a live chat option integrated if any buyer wants to get in touch with the broker in real-time. Otherwise, the broker/seller can capture leads by enabling a lead form or just add CTAs like Contact Us or Enquire on their listing page.

Legal Services

Brokers/sellers can opt for your legal services in case they don’t have it sorted themselves. This can be an additional package that you can sell to them to help them close deals with proper legal procedures.

Tenant Reports

This can also be added as an additional service where you can help sellers by doing a background check on their tenants including identity check, criminal check, credit, and reference check.

Wishlist Properties

Each property has pros and cons. Customers can create a wishlist of properties to go back to when making a purchase or renting. This makes it easier for them to narrow down on a listing they like.

Tour Scheduling

Virtual tours can happen anytime, but if customers want in-person tours, they can schedule them with a calendar configured in the portal. In-person tours can give a better understanding of the natural light a property gets, or the neighbors one may have.

Contact Agent

A prospective buyer may want to contact the listed agent of the property if they have any questions or special requirements that may not be listed with the property. The portal allows them to contact the agent.

How We Create a Perfect Solution for a Real Estate Company

  • Requirement gathering

    Once a client signs up with us, our team has a meeting with them to discuss an overview of what they need, and then there is a discussion about the nuances of what we can do for them.

  • Cross check with the base product, finalize customization

    Once we know what the requirements are, we cross-check those with the product we have, and figure out what customizations are needed for real estate portal development. If we need to create a unique custom solution, we create an exhaustive list of the details and a roadmap for it.

  • Give iterative updates

    Once we begin creating the solution, we share iterative updates with the client so they are always in the loop.

  • Test for limitations

    We test out the changes and limitations so that we can ensure that the solution works exactly as the client required it.

  • Final delivery

    Once we get final approval from the client, we deliver the final product with the necessary documentation.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Once you begin using it, we provide support and maintenance as well.

Your Real Estate Portal Consultants

We have been in the portal industry for over 13 years now. We believe that portal solutions can streamline complex workflows and that can lead to better efficiency, transparency, and productivity. If you are in the Real estate industry, we want to help you give all of that to your staff, agents, and customers.

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