Take Your Classroom Outside the Class

Our education portal has all the tools that you’d find in a classroom and plenty more. Use these to share your knowledge and even to build a community of educators. These tools will help you streamline courses, classes, design tests, and award certificates. Everything from registration to graduation. And if you are looking for a custom portal, then you can opt for our education portal development services to build one with any and every feature you require.

Attendance Module

This feature is common for the faculty as well as students. The faculty will be able to see the classes they may have missed, and mark attendance for the same for their students. The students will be able to see their attendance which gives them an insight into how they are doing and if they need to make up for some classes.

Admission Management

Using this portal, the administrator can streamline the admission process and equalize the opportunities that are open to students. And with payment integration, they can shift the complete admission process to online, saving a lot of time and resources otherwise wasted in manual work.

Online Communities and 3rd Party Integrations

Education requires collaborative efforts between educators, students, parents, and institutes. Build a community and create a common space for all the parties to come together and discuss the aspects of education. Achieve crowdsourced queries and a sense of belonging among students and educators. Overall, leverage support for learning management software like Moodle and simplify education logistics further.

Faculty Management

Manage various faculty schedules and courses seamlessly with access to a bird’s eye view of all that is happening. Streamline courses, manage leaves, and compensation for inhouse as well as guest faculty.

Finance Management

Handle all the fee structures and payments from the admin access. You can also run offers and discounts on courses from here. Manage and keep track of all the fee details and financial aid for students.

Student Management

From registration to graduation, student management is a complex part of any kind of educational institute. Eliminate the use of paper and streamline the process with the portal to offer the right information and receive the appropriate timely response from students.

Course Management

Online courses have a unique advantage of being able to leverage smooth collaborative tools for teaching and learning. Faculty members can keep track of multiple courses they offer as well as the progress of each. They can upload assignments and exams, and even use the portal for feedback and grading.

Grading Modules

Faculty can devise tests and grading modules based on the course requirements. Once they grade the students, those grades can be shared with the students through the portal itself. If there are no change requests, the grades can be sent in for a consolidated grade report of the students.

Timetable Management

Faculty members taking multiple courses have a full timetable. The timetable management module in the portal streamlines this with no overlaps. Faculty can offer the same course to different batches if there is time conflict. They can also mark their availability or absence so students get a clear idea in case they need to approach them. This also manages their working hours for the admin team to manage their compensation.

Course Selection

Students can select courses from the course catalog by getting necessary information about each course. This includes details of the faculty, real world applications, career prospects or uses, and credits.

Performance Outline

Each student has a detailed outline of their performance based on test scores, attendance, assignments. They can keep an eye for extra credit work if required or drop a course with a better understanding of how it will affect their overall performance.

Knowledge Transparency

With a knowledge base repository accessible to all students, they can get anything they need to use for their education. Knowledge base is similar to an online library with 24/7 access.

Our Previous Work

How We Create a Perfect Solution for Educators and Institutes

  • Requirement gathering

    Once a client signs up with us, our team has a meeting with them to discuss an overview of what they need, and then there is a discussion about the nuances of what we can do for them.

  • Cross check with the base product, finalize customization

    Once we know what the requirements are, we cross-check those with the product we have, and figure out what customizations are needed for it. If we need to create a unique custom solution, we create an exhaustive list of the details and a roadmap for it.

  • Give iterative updates

    Once we begin creating the solution, we share iterative updates with the client so they are always in the loop.

  • Test for limitations

    We test out the changes and limitations so that we can ensure that the solution works exactly as the client required it.

  • Final delivery

    Once we get final approval from the client, we deliver the final product with the necessary documentation.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Once you begin using it, we provide support and maintenance as well.

Your Education Portal Consultants

We believe that knowledge is crucial, whether education is formal or informal. The education portal we have is a tool to solve the logistical challenges of education. We have built this portal after a deep analysis of existing solutions and the needs of the industry including the ones created during this pandemic. With over 13 years of experience in the portal industry, we have a special advantage of building solutions that can scale with your growth.

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