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Built specifically for non-profit organizations looking to streamline their operations, the portal solution for non profits includes a host of features and tools. It can help you categorize donations, streamline donors, handle volunteers and their tasks, etc. The portal can help you manage a team so that your time and effort can be managed on the tasks that help your organization raise more funds and utilize those in the correct manner. It brings together your team, your volunteers, your donors, as well as board members, in order to serve your cause

Donation Module

The donation module helps streamline the donations that come into your organization and gives you a neat way to direct those to the various programs, missions, etc. you run.

Automated Fund Transfer Scheduling

You can enable the automated scheduling of fund transfers for your customers while giving them options to choose their preferred payment gateway from the ones you integrate.

Fundraising Campaign & Event Management

Now set up event registrations, fundraising campaigns, and share on social media to get more traction. You can also float donation forms, set a real-time goal achievement chart, and more for better engagement.

On-Boarding Volunteers

On board volunteers with the required skills set that match the requirements your organization has and give them an interface to manage their profiles, hours, work, etc.

Volunteer's Timesheet Management

Volunteers can submit when they are available for work, so you can use that information to create a timesheet where you are covered at all times, without unnecessary overlaps and are able to maintain the timing for your volunteers.


Each organization needs to have a knowledge base that talks about their work and activities. Regular updates can help keep your donors and volunteers updated with the work you are doing around the world.

Secure Access

Each volunteer, donor, and team member gets secure access to the parts of the portal that they need for their role.

Unique profiles

Everyone who has access to this portal gets a unique profile so they can see their activities, or tasks in it. They can perform actions like volunteer, donate, and more that they need to from within this unique profile and even update details.


A dashboard view gives a quick glance view of the essential things like active donations, campaign updates, etc.


The calendar feature can be used to show upcoming meetings, events, and campaign activities that you are currently running.

Live chat

Live chat can be used as a great medium of communication and interaction that doesn’t involve any long term wait.

Receipt Management

When donations come in, you can generate and share these receipts with your donors from within the portal.

Our Previous Non-profit Projects

How We Create a Perfect Solution for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Requirement gathering

    Once a client signs up with us, our team has a meeting with them to discuss an overview of what they need, and then there is a discussion about the nuances of what we can do for it.

  • Cross check with the base product, finalize customization

    Once a client signs up with us, our team has a meeting with them to discuss an overview of what they need, and then there is a discussion about the nuances of what we can do for it.

  • Give iterative updates

    Once we begin creating the solution, we share iterative updates with the client so they are always in the loop.

  • Test for limitations

    We test out the changes and limitations so that we can ensure that the solution works exactly as the client required it.

  • Final delivery

    Once we get final approval from the client, we deliver the final product with the necessary documentation

  • Maintenance and Support

    Once you begin using it, we provide support and maintenance as well.

Why Partner with CRMJetty?

CRMJetty has had over 13 years of experience building custom portal solutions for companies of various sizes including non-profits. With our experience of building portals for nonprofits, we understand the challenges that come with it. Having the right industry knowledge and team of experts, we are able to create a solution that works for you, no matter how complex your workflow is. We aim to make the logistics of your job simple so you can always focus on the big picture and the changes you want to bring.

Why Partner with CRMJetty

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