Get your Customer Service Right with Web Portals

Get your Customer Service Right with Web Portals

Hiral Thaker

October 14th, 2020

Serving your customers is one of the main aims of any business. Fulfilling their demands, offering them hassle-free solutions, extraordinary customer service, and keeping them happy is the key to run a successful business.

If your customers like your service then they are very likely to come back but if they don’t, there are chances you might lose them. 

Let me share with you my personal experience with Pepperfry:

Their marketing strategy is omnichannel which I definitely was not aware about. I had ordered 2 bean bags and 2 pouffe (had no idea it was a pouffe cover) and had paid a good amount of money for those.

After a month when one bean bag and two pouffes came they were not at all good quality and I was not getting value for the money I bought them for. Upon contacting customer service to return the products, they refused by saying that my reasons were not good enough for them. 

This is definitely not something you should ever tell your customers. You are very likely to lose them. Even if you cannot take the product back it’s better to end the conversation on a better note rather than implying that their issues aren’t valid when you were the one that made the mistake. Especially when you were the one that made the mistake.

It does not end here. After a few days my other bean bag came and this time instead of one, I got two bean bags. When I told them I don’t want another one they said, “ Ma’am just keep it if the company is giving it for free.”

The free bean bag is lying somewhere in my store room for the time being. The solution to customer problems is not free stuff. It is solving them. 

Now a question comes, how can you serve your customers better and provide them with good quality products?

Web Portal!

A Web Portal bridges the gap between you and your customers. 

Let’s see how: 

  • Increase customer retention:

Web portal solutions will help you with creating support tickets, live chat, and schedule appointments with customers. It will streamline operations for your support staff and in turn help, you retain more than 33% of customers. In short, your support team can work productively, provide better customer service, and fulfill customer needs.

  • Security:

Security of your customers’ data is the most important part and most businesses work hard to make sure it stays secure. Most of the web portals developed today use the latest security standards. Additionally, while purchasing web portals you can make sure that it follows the latest market standards to keep the data secure and your customers safe.

  • Payment gateways, Invoices, and Accounting:

You cannot imagine web portals without payment gateways. Web portals help you by providing payment gateways which makes it easy for your customers to pay directly from the portal itself. Additionally, in some of the vendor portals they can generate invoices, accounts and pay their required amount.

You can use web portals in more than one way. But, rather than purchasing ready made web portals it’s better to opt for custom portal development.


  • Custom features:

Custom portal development helps you with adding features according to your business plan. You can sit with your web portal development company and together on the basis of your business model and customers’ needs ask them to create features. Not only this, but you can also carry out customer surveys and ask them for any specific features they would like to have in web portals.

  • Better branding:

With the help of a custom web portal you can make sure that UI/UX, logo, theme of your website, look, and feel is consistent. These things will help your user to get better with portals and also help you to keep up with your reputation. So, make sure to have consistency throughout your web portal and website.

  • Easily integrate with custom CRM:

There might be chances that your company is using a custom CRM. In such scenarios having a developed web portal is not a good solution. It becomes very difficult to integrate that with your custom CRM. Thus you can solve this issue with the help of a custom built web portal. The company which provides you with web portal development services can help you with integrating your custom web portal with your custom CRM.

Wrapping it up:

Connect with our experts and let us help you walk through the entire process of developing a custom web portal for your company. Don’t let your customers have a bad experience and let us help you serve your customers in a better way. I am sure you don’t like displeased customers tweeting! 

About Us:

CRMJetty is a hub of innovative customer relationship solutions. Our tools ensure that you can render enhanced interactions at each stage of your customer lifecycle. So, if you are searching for the right web portal solution for your company, then we can help you create a custom web portal according to your needs. We have served in this industry for over a decade and have built many portals that have helped our customers do business in a better way. So, get in touch with us and we will help you develop custom web portal solutions.

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