Customer Portal Solutions – The Next Step To Boost Business Productivity

Now manage your WordPress customers better by offering the access to specific customers thus retaining data confidentiality. Reduce the time and effort in getting connected with your customers for any module related update as they can themselves update the data and you can view it in SuiteCRM instantly. Provide clients with a self-service customer portal to submit new cases and view the status & progress of cases managed in CRM, view invoices, read knowledge-base articles and more.

Customer Portal Software is an accumulation point for content, functions, and features using web-based technology. In easier terms, it’s a key place for making all types of information accessible, allowing organizations to broaden business processes to the internet, expand their range, and reduce costs across sales, service and marketing. CRM integrated Customer Portal Solutions are no longer a dream. It’s a snap crack. Manage all your customer issues with an easy to setup and use Portal. With secure login verified from SuiteCRM, your sales or service teams will be instantly notified about customer’s issues and your customers will be able to know as soon as their issues have been dealt with.

Key benefits bagged by Customer Portal Pro Plugin

  • Set Accessible Modules

    Access of which module should be provided to which customer can be decided by WordPress User Group module in SuiteCRM

  • Set WP Login Credentials

    Set Username and Password field in record view or create view by your own to set these fields in Record layout

  • Secure Login

    Safe and secure Portal Login for customers.

    • A new user can directly sign-up from the Portal. The credentials will be verified to check whether any customer has been registered with same username and email address. If any such user does not exist in the system then a record will be created in SuiteCRM in the Contacts module.
    • User can retrieve their password using Forget Password Option. Their password will be sent to their email address.
  • Display Customized Modules

    Customers will be displayed only those modules which are assigned to them by the administrator. Accessibility to different modules for different user groups can be set from the SuiteCRM backend

  • Manage Your Profile

    Easily manage your profile from the Portal. Customers can edit their profile directly from the Portal and all the changes made in the Portal will reflect in the backend automatically.

  • Different Module Layouts

    Set Portal Layouts for each accessible module. You can set Layouts for List, Edit, & Detail view from SuiteCRM and the same will be displayed in the Portal.