How To Empower Clients To Interact With Your Business

Your website plays an essential role in conveying the first impression for your business. Every business needs to consider moving away from a simple website to some level of CRM where you get to know much more about your customers. What they bought, what their preferences are and more. Your CRM system also needs to be integrated into a Website which will help you to have an all round system that can help you update customer Data and use it for actionable insight.

The best possible way is to provide your customers with the benefit of CRM and WordPress integration by offering a dedicated SugarCRM Customer Portal which allows organizations using CRM to extend their customer service and support functions to the web to achieve more effective support and service, as well as higher customer satisfaction and self sufficiency.

Customer Portal users can now create and manage cases for multiple contacts with the help of “Customer Portal Pro” Plugin. Organizations can define which contacts the portal user can access. This opens up the possibility to use the Portal in different ways where a user may require access to different accounts to service. Organize customers with custom attributes and keep a track of your engagement with them. You can manage everything from the ‘admin’ section of your site. The plug-in can integrate Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Calls, Meetings Cases, Documents, Notes, Tasks of SugarCRM modules to your WordPress interface.

With SugarCRM Customer Portal Pro you can:

Increase Client Engagement

Businesses need an easy way to review, serve and handle their clients anywhere and anytime. But even more than that, your clients need a broader experience when interacting with your business. Go beyond managing customers and empower your clients with the SugarCRM client portal. Greet reverting customers on your website and allow them to review their past activity and take actions like scheduling appointments, sharing files and sending messages.

Gain Client Insights

Contact management is core to your business. Manage contacts and gather client information through your WP interface which will help you capture more contacts and gain additional insights so that you can prioritize leads and deliver better service to clients. Your client management team can track upcoming appointments and shared documents.

Share Files with Clients

A client portal allows clients to view the shared documents anywhere, and also upload files online and share documents. You can review the shared files along with the relevant client correspondence history. Share files as part of your conversation with clients already existing.

Personalized Scheduling

Scheduling will allow your clients to schedule appointments and services at their own convenience. Offering self-service scheduling will make your business available round the clock, increasing the amount of new leads and yielding more business opportunities. Reminders will eliminate the back and forth communications for planning and scheduling an appointment.

All the potential benefits technology can bring are only theoretical without smart adoption and logical implication. Customer Portal Pro allows Business owners to exercise prudence and implement the best tools that provide genuine value to customers while allowing the business to serve their needs as quickly as possible in the best possible way.