7 Benefits of Using Customer Portal for Freelancers

Being a freelancer is cool but comes with a lot of responsibilities and constant changing requirements to fulfill. Your clients reach out to you any time of the day. This makes you available on calls and emails round the clock. Many times it becomes difficult to have proper personal and professional balance.To manage all this as a freelancer let’s see the top seven ways a customer portal can help you in your work:

Professional appearance:

The portal plugin works with your WordPress website. With this plugin, their requirements are better managed and so is their communication with you. Your brand appears more put together and streamlined to your clients.

Speeds up communication process:

Now with the help of portals you don’t need to look up old emails every now and then. You can just search any emails in the portal itself. With the customer getting direct and real time access to the work, it eliminates the need for emails and calls for updates.

Working hours:

With the help of WordPress customer portal you can easily show your working hours to customers. This will make it easy for them to know the correct time and medium to contact you. It will also add a perfect personal and professional balance which is much needed as a freelancer.

Easy to use:

Providing ease to your customers is the first rule. Some of your customers might know ways to use the tool you are using while some might not. But, with WordPress client portal plugin this becomes easy. You customers can easily get along with this. When the platform you work on is user friendly, customers will automatically associate that ease of work with you and your brand.

Customization options:

You can anytime add or remove extra modules in the portal on the basis of the services you provide. Suppose, you are providing one service, let’s say graphic designing, then you start providing photo editing services as well, then, you can add that module in your portal.

Manage Contracts:

Paperwork can be a tedious task. But, with WordPress client portal you can easily manage contracts directly from the portal. Your clients and you will have access to it from anywhere at any time. So, now be it local or international clients, get the contracts signed directly from the portal. Increase transparency and serve better!


Security is one of the important aspects for any product. Client portals have a lot of confidential data about your clients so it is important to use the latest security algorithms. So, make sure that you provide a secure customer portal.


Being a freelancer can be a difficult job as you might need to be a multitasker. This is when a customer portal can come to the rescue. Get the best out of the customer portal and serve them the right way.

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