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Managing Customer Interactions

Dynamics CRM Client Portal

How WordPress Client Portal is Useful for You?

Empower the most popular CMS platform with a CRM plugin that enriches your client relationships. CRMJetty developed WordPress Client Portal creates an efficient point of interaction with your clients and helps you resolve their queries and requests. Our portal brings a communication method that helps both; clients and enterprises. You can find various popular CRM technologies that can be clubbed and build a WordPress site for your clients.


How it Helps Businesses?

Whether your clients have a request for a bug fixture or a product suggestion, WordPress Client Portal Plugin helps them all. It enables end users to raise tickets pertaining to their complaints, queries, or requests directly through the client portal. Admin can address these tickets, process the request and resolve them. The portal also assists your clients to track processing of their requests and check its statuses.


How it Helps the End Users?

WordPress client Portal brings ease to businesses. A CRM stores all the interactions between employees, clients, suppliers, partners, affiliates and all possible contact types. The WordPress Client Portal allows you to provide access for your CRM to these stakeholders with a single WordPress login.

The Powerful Pairs for WordPress Client Portals

WordPress Client Portal Features

WordPress is a feature rich open source platform for website development and it offers a wide array of functionalities. The WordPress client Portal Plugin adds more features to help your clients and accelerate your business operations.


Simplified Usability

WordPress Client Portals are relatively easy to manage, provides beautiful UI and rich end-user experience.


Single Point of Operation

Let your clients, your partners, your suppliers, and your employees manage their interactions using CRM Portal. WordPress Client Portals provide single point interaction platform for all of your stakeholders.


Track the Work

It helps businesses and clients to track their business processing, cases, and requests directly on the portal.

Why Choose Us?

CRMJetty creates robust and useful portals that help businesses to manage their client relationships better. We offer scalable solutions for your business so that you can have efficient client engagements.



CRM is one of those software solutions in the gamut of IT solutions that demands different level of customization for every business. As per your business logic, you would require customization, and we not only understand that, but have vast experience managing them.


Ready to Use Plugins

Our WordPress Client Portal Plugins is a ready to integrate plugin. The architecture of our most plugins is built to ensure that it fits the most basic requirement of most businesses.


Ratio of 364x1

We developers must realize that every piece of software will have downtime. 364 days of fun and that 1 day makes us debug for our life. We assure you that CRMJetty support will always be there with you & for you.