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Client Portal Platform: A Unique Key to Have Happy Customers

Client Portal Platform: A Unique Key to Have Happy Customers

Hiral Thaker

December 18th, 2019

Remember when you were a kid and tried to learn how to ride a bicycle? And then there was no stopping you. How you didn’t want any support from your parents and wanted to do it by yourself?


Because riding it, on your own, brings a sense of independence, determination and an achievement that you can do something on your own.

That’s the exact same thing your customers wish. Most of the tech-savvy people in this “I can Google it” era want to do everything by themselves. Even the product/service support that you want to provide. They want to learn and explore your business products or services on their own.

That’s one of the reasons why client portal platforms are popular among most B2B as well as B2C organizations. According to a research, 89 percent of US customers wish for brands and organizations to have an online customer support portal.


As mentioned above, your customers prefer to solve issues related to your product on their own first.

And that’s not the only reason why having a client portal platform is a necessity for every organization. There are many other reasons.

But, before looking at the necessity of having a client portal, let’s discuss what is it:

Client portals are the first step of communication for your customers. It works as a gateway for your customers to track their orders, chat with your support team, check order history, make payments, access important files, etc. It works as a central hub or central storage system to access resources or gain information about their dealings with your organization.

Now let’s look at why having a client portal platform in this DIY era is a necessity.

  • Happy Customer Base

In a portal, you can create and share the knowledge base of your products with your customers. Which helps them to find and solve their issues on their own. Most importantly, if they are not able to solve, they can chat with your support staff right from the portal or can add their query as a case too.

Portals help to reduce your ticket generation which, in turn, allows your employees to productively utilize that time in researching or learning something new. Hence, having a customer portal results in saving time and resources and creating a happier customer base.

  • Security

Portals use the latest security measures such as SSL encryption, firewall, etc. to make sure that there are no cases of the data breach. These encryption measures make sure that your organization’s and customers’ data stay protected. Additionally, it provides you with the functionality to provide only necessary access of the data to your customers.

Yes! you heard it right, these centralized portals give you the privilege to decide who can access what data of your company as well as of your customers.

  • Build Community

Using these portals, it becomes easy for your customers to not only reach out to you any time, but they can also interact and share their knowledge of the product with each other. Portals work as a platform for your customers to interact with each other and share their insights and knowledge. This helps you to build up a community and even helps your company in increasing your customer base.

  • Enhance Customer Relationship Management

Building a community, answering your customer queries immediately, securing data of your customers, all these unique features of portals will help you to enhance your relationship with the customers. It is very obvious that when you attend their needs on time, they are likely to stick by your side.

Another good thing about the client portal platform is that they can easily integrate with your CRM platform. Which means whenever a customer raises a new query, your employees get notifications which allows them to solve their query as soon as possible.

  • Improved Communication

Your organization will be uploading almost all the important resources about your products in the portal which helps your customer to easily find the solution of their issues. Because of this, there will be less redundant and repetitive questions from customers which will help your employees to manage time and communicate more skillfully.

  • Centralized Information

Your customers expect to reach out to you if they face any issue in your products. For that, you might be redirecting them directly to your website’s knowledge section or contact us page. But, as your company grows, you might not be able to help each and every one of your customers, quickly. You might not be able to provide proper attention to them.

And unhappy customers will definitely leave. This is when having a unified information platform for storing and sharing important information is a necessity. For which, portals are the best fit.

Wrap up:

In this ‘I can Google it’ era, it is necessary to have a good relationship with your customers and provide them with what they ask. And how they ask for it.

You can go in the market and search for a client portal platform or you can also opt for a customized portal. For a customized solution, it is necessary to keep your vision user-centric to get the best results.

About us:

CRMJetty is a hub of innovative customer relationship solutions. Our tools ensure that you can render enhanced interactions at each stage of your customer lifecycle. So, if you are searching for a portal development company, we are here to help you in building the right customized portals. Something that your customers will love. We work with multiple CRM and CMS platforms. Be it a WordPress customer portal, WordPress CRM portal or with any other CRM or CMS platform like Dynamics, Salesforce, etc. We are serving in this industry for a decade now. Get in touch with us to create customized portals and we’ll help you kickstart your journey towards growing with portals.

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