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Vendor-Supplier Portal

Our Vendor-Supplier Portal Solutions


Vendor Self Service Portal

For a business with frequent requirements of vendors to fulfill various facets of services, it is ideal to host a Vendor Management Portal. Let the enthusiasts sign-up and express interest. Enable an end to end process to filter the ones that meet your compliance requirements. As and when you need their services, all you need to do is post your requirement. The vendors can post a custom requirement and your team only needs to analyze the proposals.


Supplier Portal Solution

A similar process for suppliers is even more crucial. Largely, vendor management refers to services; whereas supplier management refers to products or raw materials. Here quality parameters, goods availability, shipping & delivery timeline, and previous history of goods quality matter a lot while choosing the supplier. You can optimize the whole process of procurement with a fully functional custom supplier portal solution.

Unique Features You Can Get...

Online Registrations

Invite global vendors and suppliers to become part of your network.

Remove Manual Filtering

Filter from the list of new applications using web-based auto-filtering process. Improve transparency in the process while optimizing it.

Invite Proposals

Remove the manual requests for proposals and enable your vendors and suppliers to share the proposals through a secure login. Keep confidentiality intact while your team focuses on more important tasks on hand.

Compare Vendors & Suppliers

While evaluating the proposals, it is essential to rank the vendors based on previous history.

Automated Ranking of Proposals

Based on your defined index, the proposals can be rated based on various factors such previous history, compliance scores, available inventory, delivery time, and others.

Invoicing & Payments

An ideal vendor self service portal or supplier portal solution would include the option to generate Purchase Orders and Invoices directly from the Portal itself.

CRM Access

If you require your suppliers and vendors to be added to the CRM and wish to provide access to specific modules, you can do that securely using a CRM portal for Suppliers / Vendors. This access is role based and provides same level of security as your CRM as the database remains the same.

Service Models


Our Existing Products

Check out our SuiteCRM, SugarCRM, Dynamics CRM and Salesforce plugins for CRM Portals.


New Development

We can build a custom CRM Portal or a Web Portal independent of the CRM.


Updates on Existing Portal

We also offer technology migration, atypical repair & maintenance of the existing portal, or need to fix the bugs & security glitches for your existing portal and web applications.
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We are a CRM Consultancy. We can always find a workaround to ensure, we can find the most effective way to deliver your requirements. And, we always look forward to ensuring that our solution remains viable for your business.

Why Build a Custom Vendor-Supplier Portal Solution?


Optimize Business Processes

A Vendor-Supplier Portal Solution provides a single point of communication platform for all the stakeholders and your employees. Therefore, you can assign specific rights to the vendors/suppliers to have direct access to CRM and control the same from backend. Based on the roles defined in your team, you can assign your employees with different levels of access to serve the end user.


Role-based Accessibility

Just like in the CRM, for Vendor-Supplier Portal Solution also, the users will have limited access as per the access assigned to them by the Admin. Therefore, governing who has access to what is no more implied. It is a well-documented and implemented through the CRM Portal. While you choose to develop Supplier-Vendor Portal independent of the CRM, you would be able to provide different levels of access to group of users.


Ease of Use

There are a number of case studies suggesting how a Supplier-Vendor Portal leads to increased productivity. Why? Because, it is a process improvement tool that ensures that the redundant processes are discarded and the whole business logic operates through uniform activities. Managing the vendor/supplier submissions through your contact forms and fetching them into an Online Supplier-Vendor Portal (without the CRM) could also be equally essential to make the processes smoother.




HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript (Angular, React), jQuery



Core PHP, CakePHP



WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke


Cross Platform

Ionic, Xamarin



SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce


  • Banking & Insurance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharma
  • Services


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