Top Skills to Look for When You Hire Dynamics 365 Developers

Top Skills to Look for When You Hire Dynamics 365 Developers

Dynamics 365 combines business applications that enable a business to run and improve customer relations using a single ecosystem.

This makes it necessary to hire a skilled Dynamics 365 developer to implement and customize this powerful tool correctly.

Recent statistics show that companies lack efficiencies and miss opportunities without the right expertise. Companies report a productivity increase of 30% with good developers in Dynamics 365.

This blog explores some of the key skills you would look for when you hire Dynamics 365 developers. We’ll discuss core competencies, industry knowledge, and soft skills.

Why Should You Hire Certified Dynamics 365 Developers?

Hiring certified Dynamics 365 developers on board means getting only the best people with proven skills and knowledge.

These professionals undergo extensive training and several exams to prove competence in using and optimizing Dynamics 365.

They can help streamline your business processes, enhance interaction with customers, and ensure the problem-free implementation of software.

Certified Dynamics 365 developers are better acquainted with new software features and best practices, thus reducing the proclivity for expensive errors greatly.

Their experience helps them solve problems faster and better customized to fit your company’s unique business needs.

They, in fact, increase productivity and guarantee a return on your investment.

To help you find the right fit for your next Dynamics 365 project, here is our step-by-step guide to hire a Microsoft-certified developer.

What Skills You Must Look For When You Hire Dynamics 365 Developers?

Here are the top skills you should look for when hiring Dynamics 365 developers.

1. Technical Skills

Competence in Dynamics 365 modules, especially in Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service, allows a developer to personalize a solution as per the needs of different business processes.

Such competencies in the mentioned modules give a Dynamics 365 developer the capability to implement and customize features in an efficient way to enhance the user experience and operational efficiency.

Basic information about customization tools like Power Apps and Power Automate is required to develop purpose-built applications to run automation that streamlines business operations.

Configuration of workflows, business rules, and entities further empowers adherence to the organization’s specific requirements and processes.

Proficiency in C#, JavaScript, and TypeScript programming languages, combined with knowledge of development tools like Visual Studio and Dynamics 365 SDK, will be valuable for developing custom solutions and extending Dynamics 365’s capabilities.

Experience with integration tools, like Azure Logic Apps and SSIS, and APIs will be important in integrating with Dynamics 365 time so your data flows smoothly across an organization.

These are necessary with an update or migration so that a smooth transition keeps your data’s integrity intact.

2. Functional Skills

Hire Dynamics 365 developers with a perfect understanding of business processes and enumeration.

He/she should be capable of converting business demands into explicit technical specifications. They must also be effective in project planning, execution, and monitoring under the Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Strong analytic skills are very important in identifying solutions to complex issues that may arise.

In addition, they must have troubleshooting and debugging capabilities to ensure the system operates smoothly.

In this way, Dynamics 365 developers contribute to the technical part and the business aspect of the project.

3. Soft Skills

Soft skills are crucial for developers to succeed in today’s dynamic work environments. Clear communication with stakeholders ensures that everyone is on the same page, which is essential for project success.

Developers must be able to explain technical concepts to non-technical team members, bridging the gap between different areas of expertise.

Experience in collaborative environments is vital, allowing developers to contribute to and support their teams effectively.

Adaptability is another key skill enabling developers to keep up with new technologies and updates.

Finally, a commitment to continuous learning and professional development ensures that developers remain proficient and relevant in their field.

4. Certification and Experience

When you hire Dynamics 365 developers, relevant certifications will be, for example, Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals, which speaks to solid fundamentals when interfacing with the platform.

More advanced certifications, like Solution Architect or Developer Associate, show an in-depth understanding of the subject, allowing them to work on more difficult solutions accordingly.

Industry experience will be gained from past projects of a similar kind: on the one hand, it will give the developer pragmatic insights and proven strategies.

Case studies or examples of previous successful implementations will show the developer’s ability to deliver an effective solution and overcome challenges in the process.

Such qualifications are the best proof of a developer’s significant contribution to your projects. Generally, a fine mix of all certifications and hands-on experience forms a great skill set for a Dynamics 365 developer.


At last, hiring the right Dynamics 365 developer can significantly influence the operation of business undertakings.

Look for candidates with sound technical expertise who can solve problems and really know Dynamics 365.

Needless to say, good communication and teamwork skills are also very important to make full integration with the rest of your team.

Always tend to develop people who are continuously developing with new features brought in by Dynamics 365 and are aware of the best practices and the ways of their implementation.

Last but not least, remember that a developer who can customize and optimize the platform according to your needs is very valuable.

If you are looking for a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer by Microsoft, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional experts are greatly experienced and are ready to help you reach any business goal.

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