Things You Need to Consider While Integrating WordPress and Salesforce

Things You Need to Consider While Integrating WordPress and Salesforce

Roma Amarnani

WordPress and Salesforce are the crème de la crème of their industry, at the top of their game. Salesforce promises to drive your business forward, consistently and insightfuly with a suite of tools; and WordPress helps you take that business to the world in a few clicks.

Pick any tool in those categories, CRM and CMS, your business cannot exist without those in this age. This is why bringing these two tools together is the best bet for your business.

The many things that this integration can give you are form builders, web-to-lead forms, form builders, etc. As and when anyone interacts with your business, they interact on the WordPress side, and you get actionable information and insight on the Salesforce side of things.

WordPress and Salesforce are no less than a match made in heaven. When you go for a WordPress Salesforce Integration (WordPress website with Salesforce as your CRM) lead generation becomes easy. Now, the visitors that come to your WordPress website provide you with their information in two ways. One, by signing up to the newsletter and two, by registering for an event. The task of your CRM is to collect that information and store the data at one place enabling you to keep it organized.

However, if you wish to provide your customers with a more personalized browsing experience and boost engagement, you need to integrate WordPress and Salesforce in the best way possible. This can include anything right from plugins like Salesforce Portal for WordPress and apps to customized integrations. Let’s know about the aspects you need to consider in case you go for WordPress Salesforce Integration:

Integration through Apps

Third-Party apps are a widely used option when it comes to integrating Salesforce CRM and WordPress. You can make use of these apps to implement certain functionalities. For e.g., if you’re running an email campaign and you wish to link your emails with Salesforce, you can make use of a popular email marketing software named – Mailchimp. It helps you to create sign-up forms for your website, fetch subscriber details and shoot broadcast emails with ease.

As MailChimp provides you with an option to integrate it with Salesforce, it is possible for you to import your Salesforce contacts to your list and get an access to the data whenever you want. You might have to invest a little into these apps but they’re quite cost-effective and user-friendly.

Robust Form Builders

Advanced form building tools help a lot when you want to map form fields to and from Salesforce. Although these tools have a lot of features, they can burn a little hole in your pocket. They help you to conduct complicated tasks like pre-filling the fields in the form. The only drawback is, it can get difficult to use them as it might ask for strong coding skills or advanced Salesforce knowledge.

If you are looking for a tool that doesn’t need coding, go for FormStack. It helps you to create mobile-friendly surveys and forms. The best part about FormStack is the native form builder for Salesforce which enables you to set up forms with the help of a drag and drop design. User-friendly and robust, at the same time!

Custom Integrations

Complex requirements ask for a complex solution. And this is when you need custom-built forms. Through custom built forms, you can enable your customers to update their payment details or create a searchable database. Now, crafting these solutions asks for a detailed knowledge of API and development skills; for which you might have to hire an expert to help.

Although obtaining this service can prove to be expensive, you won’t have to spend on licensing costs and you will have control over the style of forms and presentation.

Why Should You Go For Salesforce WordPress Portal?

There are a number of advantages that you get by integrating these two platforms for your business. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Any and all kinds of things can be tracked with a salesforce wordpress portal. With that portal, customers will be able to interact with the business up to a certain extent. They can update their personal details, track their orders, get updates on support tickets and so on.


One of the biggest conveniences of having a Salesforce WordPress portal is to have a custom Dashboard. It can be set up to display glancable information like number of tickets, sales numbers, active number of orders, etc. It can also show things like sales territories, quarterly sales, agents performance and so on.

Self Service:

The Salesforce WordPress integration comes to the aid of business a great deal by way of providing self service to customers. Customers can track their orders, track the tickets, make exchanges or returns, update their contact details, and so on. Without self service, a business would have to have a huge support staff that can cater to all this interaction.

How to Choose the Integration That Works?

When you integrate Salesforce and WordPress, your lead generation is sure to get better. However, the integration plugin you decide to use depends on your budget and needs. To start with, you can try a simple form builder and figure out whether or not you would be able to work around it. In case you feel that it isn’t flexible, you can go for an advanced version or go for a plugin customized to your needs.

If you want to make the most out of your WordPress website and Salesforce CRM, you can choose to invest into CRMJetty Portals.

Here’s why our portals are the best:

– We build our portals in such a way that they take the functionality of your product to another level. To be able to do that, we have put in our best efforts and created a portal that surpasses the Salesforce features.

– One of the major goals of our customer portal is to help you lessen your operational costs by offering automation. It also accelerates your customer support process.

– Rest assure about the confidentiality of your data as we do not fetch any of your data to our database and you can host it on your servers. Also, there wouldn’t be any vulnerabilities added to your CRM data.

Why not get in touch with us and find out more about our WordPress Salesforce Customer Portal? Book a demo with us now!

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