Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant

Who is a Salesforce consultant? What can we expect from someone who is a certified consultant? How do they help companies with their Salesforce implementation?

We answer all that and more in this guide.

What is a Salesforce Consultant?

Salesforce consulting is a highly rewarding role as they are people who get to fully understand a company, its needs, and goals and then figure out a solution to help them get there. They get to see the company’s growth and contribute to it.

There are multiple levels of Salesforce consultants, from beginners to experts. Based on their experience, they provide services.

What Does a Salesforce Consultant Do?

So what does a Salesforce consultant do at each level?

To answer this question, there are a few levels you need to understand. Let’s see the Salesforce consultant roles and responsibilities for beginners, intermediate, and expert consultants:

At the beginner level, Salesforce consultants mostly execute configurations. They know the basic features and offerings of Salesforce and work on executing the configuration tasks to fulfill the project requirements. Things they do:

  • Data clean up
  • Data migration
  • Configuration tasks with basic Salesforce features
  • Documentation
  • Testing and basic UAT tasks
  • Make Salesforce reports or custom reports

The Salesforce consultant with more than a year of experience, up to 3 or 4 years, can do more than that. They can take the lead on projects, with beginners executing the majority of the configurations while they guide. They are closer to the client’s requirement-gathering side of things as they are able to see the bigger picture of the overall project and, therefore, its requirements. Things they do:

  • Assist in presales activities for Salesforce consulting, like gathering and validating the Salesforce requirements and feasibility.
  • Similar to all things Salesforce and can figure out the implementation path for gathered requirements.
  • Can provide solution design.
  • Train, brief, and guide beginner-level Salesforce consultants.
  • Carry out more complex configurations for Salesforce features that are not very common or basic.
  • Analyze which reports and reporting tools work for you.
  • Overseeing the deployments and executing a smooth timeline as well as quality.

And lastly, there are expert Salesforce consultants who lead requirement gathering, client meetings, and the entire development team. They can not only see the big picture but create one as well. They handle the project through its life cycle and are responsible for maintaining timelines and deliverables. Things they do:

  • Oversee or build a team of Salesforce consultants based on project requirements.
  • Gather requirements from cross-organizational teams to change up operations across the board.
  • Carry out a “temp check” to understand current conditions to access the Salesforce implementations required and forecast the adoption.
  • Understand everything required for the implementation, and get them executed. Have a big picture for mid to junior-level consultants to follow through.
  • Client management from timeline management to quality control and changes in them. Client’s POC and point of escalation.
  • Timeline management and quality control.
  • Can build a roadmap for future enhancements based on current configurations.

Why companies need Salesforce consultants

Salesforce consultants act as the human bridge between companies and Salesforce. They know all there is to know about Salesforce and about your business. So they help companies implement, use, and get the best out of Salesforce solutions.

Here’s why a company needs a Salesforce consultant:

To not make naive mistakes

With a Salesforce consultant in place, you are less likely to make certain common mistakes. They will craft a unique solution for you so you don’t try to use what may have worked for someone else.

To stay updated with the latest features

Salesforce constantly updates and fine-tunes its offerings. While you may know a few things that you think you need and implement, some even more helpful features may have come out. With a Salesforce consultant in place, you will always be able to get the latest updates and features as they are always updated with what’s new.

To plan better for the future

The Salesforce consultant prepares an implementation plan for the company so they are well aware of the growth to come with it. Therefore, during the implementation period, they can also plan a little further so the business can have room to scale consistently. They are the right people to do this because they are aware of the foundations the company is putting in place to scale.

To develop efficiently

When you hire Salesforce consultants from around the world, it is highly likely that they have worked on plenty of projects, from minor ones to large-scale ones. Therefore they have a well-rounded experience and are not scared of experimenting to get the best results.

So when you hire Salesforce consultants who have such experience, they will work efficiently and effectively.

To get perspective

As a business, you are always too close to the picture. You might know what you want but not necessarily how to get there. So a Salesforce consultant can help you see the big picture; they can do a need analysis and build a design plan to fulfill those needs.

Why CRMJetty is the best Salesforce consulting company

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