PortalXpand – Your Key to Enhanced Customer Management

PortalXpand – Your Key to Enhanced Customer Management

Sulabh Chauhan

April 5th, 2021

As a business grows in size, managing operations can grow more complex. Switching between interfaces to view CRM entities or checking customers’ details in CRM and updating them isn’t feasible for large organizations. It not only consumes more time but also increases the chances of inadvertent errors in data updates. It also doesn’t let an organization’s owner decide who can access what and can compromise security as anybody can access anything. This is where a centralized view of all the CRM data comes in handy. And a portal makes it happen.

If you are also a Dynamics 365 owner and are looking to bring efficiency to your business operations and management, this post is for you.

PortalXpand is our ready-to-integrate and fully scalable portal that you can customize to fit your business requirements. It provides easy and seamless synchronization between your Dynamics 365 CRM and portal.

Why PortalXpand Can be Your Ideal Portal Solution?

PortalXpand is a self-configurable Dynamics CRM customer portal with which you can style your themes, widgets, etc., and streamline your content management.

Here is a run-down on some features that can help you optimize your business operations.

Easy and Better Personalization

PortalXpand provides support for easy drag-and-drop templates, layouts, and portal components. This allows the admin to decide on your portal’s appearance and keep it the way you like, to enhance the personalized experience.

Configurable Widgets

This Dynamics 365 customer portal also features smart, standard design components that allow custom data binding as a fully dynamic widget. This helps you get your web pages ready easily and fast.

Design Layouts

Our Dynamics 365 customer portal enables you to customize design templates to fit your branding. You can also pick from the various layouts to give your portal a personalized touch.

Seamless Content Management

PortalXpand also allows you to provide your customers with secure access to your company’s data as per their roles. You can decide which entities you have to keep publicly visible (knowledge articles, FAQs, etc.) and which entities to provide access to only after sign-in.

Custom Dashboard

With PortalXpand, you can exercise full control over your dashboard and entities through a well-segmented admin dashboard. You can set and save quick links to widgets, including Recent Activity, Counter Block, etc. You can set and save quick links to widgets like Recent Activity, Counter Block, etc., for any entity you require.

Enhanced Security with Role-Based Access

PortalXpand lets you create user groups and define user roles to provide access to different CRM entities based on their roles. By defining the access privileges, you can enhance the security of your CRM and manage operations better.

360° Entity Management

With PortalXpand, you can exercise complete control over your entities in both your CRM and portal. You can use all the available default CRM entities and configure them to fit your business requirements.

Configure Active CRM Layout

PortalXpand enables you to configure any active CRM layout in no time and start your portal easily.

Streamlined User Management

Allowing the admin to define user roles and access rules for each role helps streamline user management. It can also give different configuration rights to different admin users based on their defined roles for multiple admins.

Build it Using FetchXML

PortalXpand also supports building with FetchXML and lets you select fields and generate queries as and when you need them.

Ease of Operations

PortalXpand comes with a competitive price and serves the best-in-class result in the industry. With the seamless sync between CRM and portal, PortalXpand allows efficient and centralized management of operations.

Mobile Friendly

The fully responsive and appealing mobile interface that PortalXpand offers takes customer experience to the next level. This is because your customers can access anything on the go with your fully responsive portal.


There is no need to have coding experience to build your portal as PortalXpand gives you handy drag-and-drop design layouts to use. This saves your time and gets your portal off the ground without any hassle.

Page-Level Access

Besides managing overall roles and permissions, you can also manage page-level permissions for all your agents with our Dynamics 365 customer portal.

Support for Third-Party Integrations

PortalXpand Dynamics 365 Customer Portal also supports third-party integrations like SharePoint to ensure a smooth workflow.

Hassle-Free Exchange of Info

It provides an interactive user-interface that enables ease of access for users. It also enables on-demand and hassle-free exchange of information between your CRM and portal.

Elevated Customer Engagement

With support for emails and notifications in the portal, it lets you improve customer engagement and makes your user management seamless.

Better Clarity and Visibility

With a single central dashboard to manage all your actions that PortalXpand provides, you no longer need to switch between interfaces. This way, you can get better visibility and a more comprehensive real-time view of your organization’s activities.


PortalXpand provides you with an easily configurable central platform to manage all your entities in one place. This helps reduce your operational costs to access entities separately and manage them from within CRM.

Leverage PortalXpand – Level Up Your Customer Engagement

PortalXpand is a one-stop solution for your portal requirements and comes with everything you seek in an ideal portal. If you are also fed up with managing CRM entities individually and facing roadblocks in managing your customers, now is the time to get PortalXpand.

PortalXpand expands to your business requirements and helps you ensure high customer engagement and brand loyalty.

So, integrate our cutting-edge Dynamics 365 CRM portal for your Dynamics 365 organization and see your work get simplified!

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