How to Clear the Cache in the Power Apps Portal

While working with building the Power Apps portal, you may need to edit pages, assign roles to users, and make some other required changes. It is necessary to see all the changes you make instantly on the portal. To do that, you should clear the cache on a timely basis.

When you clear the cache, it helps make sure that all the latest updates to the portal metadata and DATAVERSE info are visible on the Power Apps portal.

The Power Apps portal uses caching to enhance the potal’s overall performance. This implies that the portal doesn’t send a direct request back to the Dataverse for individual data updates. This is because if it sent this request, the performance of the Dynamics 365 portal would be very slow. However, there is a disadvantage.

If you use an internal app (like Dynamics 365 or custom model-driven) or update via flow or other integrations to make updates in Dataverse, these changes may not be visible on the Dynamics 365 portal.

If you are the admin and want to clear cache, here are the steps for it.

Steps to Clear Cache while Working with Power Apps Portals

As a portal admin, you can clear the cache on the server-side for the entire portal to reflect changes in the Dynamics 365 portal in real-time.

1. Sign in to the Dynamics 365 portal as an administrator.

Dynamics 365 portal as an administrator

[Portal User With Administrator role inD365]

Log in portal by Admin user

[Log in the portal by Admin user]

2. Navigate to the URL as follows: /_services/about. Here is an example -

URL as follows

3. After this, the portal details page will be open. Click on the Clear Cache button to clear the cache.

Note: There is one thing that you need to consider here. Clearing the portal’s server-side cache or configuration tables’ cache may cause temporary degradation of the performance while data is being loaded from Dataverse.


By clearing cache, you can get to reflect changes on the Dynamics 365 portal in no time. This helps you speed up the processes and increase efficiency.

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