All About Microsoft Power Pages

All About Microsoft Power Pages

Nikita Rohira

August 1st, 2022

No-code and low-code platforms have been in discussion for a long time now, with Microsoft Power Apps being the leader. Recently, Microsoft announced that the power platform, i.e., data verse, is growing.

PowerApps Portals, which existed as a component in Power Apps, will now have an extension – Power Pages. It allows users to create, host, and administer external-facing websites with everything the power suite offers.

So what exactly is it, and how does it work? Let’s find out!

Introducing Power Pages and its features

People from non-tech backgrounds often consider low-code platforms beneficial for developing basic sites that showcase company information, blogs, etc.


Power Pages is an enterprise-level SaaS platform that empowers everyone to build modern responsive websites with out-of-box templates and a low-code maker experience.

Microsoft has imbued several new features in the Power Pages to perform greatly.

Power Pages Design Studio

Power Pages Design Studio

The major highlight is the Power Pages Design Studio. It provides several workspaces. There’s a separate workspace to create individual pages, craft site styles, and make data connections required for the site’s functioning, along with a fourth one where administrators can change permissions and other settings.

In addition, the design studio provides tools for styling, configuring, and publishing layouts and pages with text, videos, images, and business data forms and lists.

Learn Hub

Learn Hub

To guide users through the website design process, Microsoft has created a dedicated section, “learn hub”. It hosts guides and tutorials about how to build websites, model business data, and work with code components. It ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical background, can create intuitive websites.

Power Pages Templates

Power Pages Templates

Power Pages provides a collection of ready-made templates to craft a new site by providing a collection of templates. These templates are connected with demo data so users can visualize how everything goes together before adapting the template to their own needs.

Tools for Advanced Users

Power Pages is not just limited to front-end development. It integrates with development tools such as GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, and command line interface to allow power users to automate their development workflow and leverage CI/CD practices.

Security and Governance Tools

Having role-based access for software is crucial. But what if you need to control who has access to the website itself?

Power Pages allows users to implement role-based access controls to create and manage the security of the content.

According to a survey by Top Design Firms, there’s a robust demand for web design tools. So if you’re thinking about a low-code website designer, Power Apps can be the answer!

Power Apps Portals are a superset of Power Pages.

Wait, did I tell you there’s an alternative to Power Pages?

PortalXpand – a custom Dynamics 365 portal is a more robust and accessible option for businesses.

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It has a feature called Page Builder that allows users to create single pages and business-centric modern websites by simply dragging and dropping templates, grids, and portal components.

Apart from that, it provides configurable widgets and design layouts so as to make the pages live in no time.

Yes, it’s much more convenient than Power Pages!

You should definitely give it a try but only after learning how it works.


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