Portal Solutions for your Partners and Customers

Portal Solutions for your Partners and Customers

Hiral Thaker

December 14th, 2020

Portals are a one stop solution for companies to cater to their customers. The ease that companies get in handling and providing support to customers is commendable. Additionally, portals have also changed the way businesses interact with customers and vice versa.Today looking at the market potential of portals and CRMs many big and medium size companies are trying their hand at it. One such famous CRM is Microsoft’s Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics provides different types of portals like customer portal, partner portal, knowledge portal, etc. and each of them fulfills a different requirement. The main function of a portal is to bridge the gap between companies and customers.

Going further, let’s see Dynamics customer portal and partner portal in brief:

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Portal?

Dynamics customer portal bridges the gap between customers and companies. It provides access to exclusive content, chat, support, knowledge base, and many more things.

Here are the top three benefits of using customer portal:

Easy problem solving:

Efficiently solving problems is one of the major features of any customer portal. With Dynamics 365 customer portal you can use a ticket management system. You can use this feature and start solving your customers’ problems right from the portal. You don’t need to send them long emails or ask them to hold long call lines.

Power BI Integration:

Dynamics portal comes with an easy integration with Power BI. Now you can get the data from Power BI directly in your portal dashboard. Get the needed data insights in your dashboard and use it in decision making for your business.

Easy Configuration:

With Dynamics CRM customer portal companies can go one step further by providing the basic configuration. This will provide you with compact layouts and stacked elements so users can navigate the portal easily.

What is Dynamics 365 Partner Portal?

Dynamics Partner Portal provides your partners a login to aportal to get exclusive access to knowledge banks, opportunity management tools, customers’ data, account management activities, and more.

Here are the top three benefits of having Dynamics 365 Partner Portal:

Multi-partner collaboration:

This multi partner collaboration will make it easy for you to manage multiple partners and streamline work with each of them.

 Partner Lifecycle Management:

This allows them to onboard and manage  partners if needed to strengthen the partnership channel and increase selling. It streamlines all interactions with partners from giving them inventory updates, managing contracts, sales reports and more.

Deal registrations:

It allows vendors to gain early pipeline visibility to provide better deals, discounts, and benefits if and where needed.

Now, comes the main question: which type of portal should you go for? I would say this completely depends on your company’s requirements and user base. If you are planning to develop a portal for customers then you can opt for Dynamics customer portal. But, if you want your partners to use it then you require a Dynamics partner portal. Apart from this, if your requirement is for both of them, then you can go with both portals.

Once you decide the type of portal you need, you can go for customization to add or remove any particular feature. To do so you can reach out to any IT company like us which can help you to customize your Dynamics portal.

There are various third party Dynamics portals available in the market today which can easily integrate with your CRM. But our Dynamics 365 portal has some of the major benefits which help us to stand ahead of competitors.

Below are some of the important features of our portal:

Role based accessibility:

Admin can easily assign roles to each user and depending on the roles, assigned users can access the portal. Admin can create multiple groups, add contacts, and select relationships between contacts and entities.

Generate mass credentials:

Generating credentials can often be a tardy task for admin. But, not anymore with our portal solution. Admin can easily sync CRM contacts with the portal  and it can automatically generate credentials in bulk. Once credentials are generated they are sent to each user via mail. This ensures security and easy generation of credentials.

Custom module support:

Customizing a product till some extent is important to use it to its full potential. With our portal, customization becomes an easy task. No need to pay extra money for adding single modules. Easily create custom modules according to your business needs and carry out operations easily.

Case deflection:

This feature will let your end users search answers or solve their issues easily from within the portal itself. They can enter some specific keywords and find needed solutions. If they are unable to do so then they can create a case right from within the portal and you  can reply to these queries instead of repeatedly answering the same queries. .

SharePoint Add-on:

Sharepoint is an add-on supported by Dynamics which makes adding, editing, deleting of documents easy. Using SharePoint add-on you can easily make changes and sync those documents between Dynamics 365 portal, customer portal, and SharePoint in real time. Your customers can create, edit, delete, and even structure files according to their usage and put all data from all three platforms in sync.


Portals have some of the major benefits for companies and when it comes to Dynamics customer portal and partner portal you can easily give it a chance. Take your business to the next level with the help of portals and bring the next big change in your business.

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