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Dynamics 365 WordPress Customer Portal

Dynamics 365 WordPress Customer Portal

Scalable and ready-to-integrate Portal plugin for Dynamics 365. Our plugin integrates your CRM with WordPress frontend.
  • Provide secured access to unlimited customers
  • Supports any Dynamics 365 custom module
  • Complete document management with SharePoint Integration
  • Quote creation and management from the portal itself
  • Access to self-serve knowledge base for quick support
  • Securely integrates your CRM with CMS to help you expand
  • Enhanced customer engagement with email notifications
  • Multi-language support to serve global customer base

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Key Features

Dynamics 365 Customer Portal for WordPress

Stay connected with your customers at all times and make your connection a productive one through Microsoft Dynamics 365 - one of the most popular CRM! Bring a lot of convenience for your portal users as they can manage schedules, documents, cases, accounts, and order sheet details with ease. Dynamics 365 WordPress Customer Portal not only process your database but also keeps its detailed records. It is an ideal solution for a number of use cases such as - customer portal, partner portal, supplier/vendor portal, affiliates portal, account portal, and more.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 WordPress Customer Portal?

dynamicscrmWordpress customer-portal
  • MS Dynamics 365 Portal for WordPress provides single window solution for all customer interactions and assistance.
  • It is a customizable solution that gives you the space to add useful features and eliminate the futile ones.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Portal enables customers to connect with you online and manage their data quickly while having better control over it.
  • Communicate without hassle of emails or calls. The ticketing system saves a lot of your time.
  • Work easily with better user interface and smart navigation.
  • Add all your CRM contacts to the Dynamics CRM Customer Portal and manage them by assigning diverse roles.

Features for Dynamics 365 & WordPress Backend

Frontend Features for End Users

SharePoint Add-on

Keep all your documents synced across Dynamics 365, Customer Portal, and SharePoint. No more manually transferring documents.

Structuring Management

Let your customers create, edit, and delete folders to properly manage the structuring of documents as per their projects using our documents module synced with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.


Better Data Management

Now you or your customers can create, delete, and upload documents from Dynamics CRM, customer portal, or SharePoint and all the documents will be synced for better data management.


Why Dynamics 365 WordPress Customer Portal is the Right Choice for You?

  • CRMJetty designed customer Dynamics 365 WordPress Customer Portal extends the basic functionality of MS Dynamics 365 and makes it a complete solution for businesses. It has organized and stacked elements on the dashboard besides its compact layouts. This enables users to operate the Dynamics 365 Customer Portal with seamless navigation throughout the site.
  • We offer portals that are ready-to-use and they work as a scalable solution for you. Admin just has to sign into the system and start managing their operations with a rich user experience.
  • Data security is extremely critical to any business. Especially, when dealing with your CRM data, we are talking about your business critical information. DynamcisCRM WordPress Customer Portal is not like other plugins. It does not store or fetch any data to our DB. It simply connects your DynamcisCRM with WordPress. The data is secure on your servers and WordPress provides the interface to the end users with secure access. And, everything is cloud on your servers. The role of the DynamcisCRM WordPress Customer Portal plugin does not add any vulnerabilities whatsoever on your CRM data.
dynamicscrmWordpress customer-portal

General FAQs

  • What is customer portal and how is it useful?

    Customer Portal is similar to a Self-Service portal in which they provide an online support channel for customers by allowing them to resolve their queries without contacting a customer service representative. Customer portal enhances the customer relationships by providing them with the information around the clock.

  • What if I want to install on more than one domain or development server?

    On single domain purchase, we allow one live and one development domain. If you would like to use the portal on more than two domains with a single installation, then you need to purchase it for additional domains.

  • What should I do if I have different CRM installations?

    If you are likely to use the extension on domains with separate installation, then you need to purchase another copy of the portal.

  • Do you provide a live demo (on Skype)?

    Yes, you can get a personalized live demonstration from our experts in your time zone and according to your convenience. Click Here for a free demo. We look forward to hear from you.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, you can refer our refund policy @https://www.crmjetty.com/refund-policy.htm.

  • Can I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it? If yes, are there any charges for the transfer?

    Yes, you can transfer the license. And no, there are no charges for the transfer.

  • Can I have a free trial of your product?

    Yes, we do provide free trial for 30 days.

  • Can CRMJetty customize the portal according to my needs?

    Of course! This is what we’re good at! Please get in touch with us at support@crmjetty.com to discuss your specific needs. We would be delighted to hear you.

  • Do you provide installation for the plugin?

    Yes, we do provide free installation service.

  • Is there any limit to grant access to Portal Users?

    No. There is no user restriction for granting portal access.

  • Does your portal store any data on CMS server?

    No. Our product does not store or fetch any kind of data on CMS server. It is secure on your CRM server and our solution just provides interface to the end users with secure access.

Technical FAQs

  • Does it support custom modules of CRM?

    Yes, it supports custom modules of CRM with additional efforts. To know more in detail please contact our support team on Skype at support.biztech.

  • Do I need to provide any additional details for adding custom module?

    Yes. You need to provide the FTP and site admin details for both the frameworks (CRM and CMS) along with the list of modules that you want to enable for the portal.

  • What are the details required to make a connection with CRM?

    You just need your CRM instance URL, CRM admin username, and CRM admin password to make a connection. For further details, you can review our user manual guide.

  • Does your portal support custom fields?

    Yes, our portal supports custom fields. You just need to drag and drop them into your module's layout.

Case Studies
Points To Note

Points To Note

In order for the Dynamics 365 WordPress Customer Portal to be installed accurately, and work as per the described functionality, below requirements must be met.

  • You should be able to login as an Administrator in CRM/CMS (WordPress) for installation.
  • Check that your Dynamics CRM Instance and WordPress is compatible for Portal.
  • You must have a valid License Key Provided by CRMJetty.
  • If you are installing Portal then make sure that no older version of the Plug-in is already installed on WordPress. If there is any, then you should uninstall that plug-in first.
  • Not compatible with wordpress.com platform.
v4.0 to v5.4.1 Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premise (v8.0) and above, Dynamics 365 (v9.1) and above
Change Log

Change Log

Version: 4.1.0 : September 08, 2020


  • SharePoint V1.1.0 release
  • Product selection changes in role matrix
  • Minor bug fixing
Version: 4.0.0 : August 11, 2020


  • Providing all Default+Custom entity support with CRUD
  • Profile picture support on the portal side
  • Minor bug fixing
Version: 3.1.0 : June 16, 2020


  • Email Notification Support
  • Product Entity Support on the Portal
  • Customers can create Quote from the Portal
  • SharePoint Addon Integration
Version: 3.0.0 : July 25, 2019


  • Enhanced UI / UX.
  • Contact Hierarchy to manage child contacts.
  • Easily filter records by contacts and search.
  • Replace Contract Entity with Entitlement Entity for respective changes.
  • Added charts in dashboard for case, invoice and quote modules.
  • Provided Two Step Authentication for Portal.
Version: 2.0.0 : May 23, 2019


  • Email Verification & User Approval option to prevent spam
  • Case deflection
  • Multi language Support
  • Specific Knowledge Base Visibility for Portal
  • GDPR Concent Support
  • Unified Interface support
  • Reset Password implementation
Version: 1.2.1 : August 13, 2018


  • Security Bug Fixing.
Version: 1.2.0 : January 29, 2018


  • Dashboard Layout update
  • FAQ section integration in Wordpress admin for connection failure issues
  • Minor bug fixing and better modular structure
Version: 1.1.0 : July 28, 2017


  • Dynamic access rights for portal user for each module (add/delete/update)
  • CRM Email template support in portal
  • Bug fixing
Version 1.0.0 : April 28, 2017
  • DynamicsPort - Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for WordPress is Released.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • i recommend ++

    Purchasing this portal has turned out to be a boon for me and my company. It has helps me to easily use CRM and CMS without any hassle.

    William Clark (Posted on 4 February 2020)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Cost-Effective Product

    The integration is definitely the best at this cost. Apart from the features you get from the product, you also save a lot of cost on customer services as manual grievance management is reduced significantly. "

    Steve (Posted on 15 February 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Enables Better Customer engagement

    Through Dynamics Crm Wordpress Customer Portal, I can connect with my customers at a greater level. I get to know about their likes and dislikes and take care of their preferences.

    Nolan Burns (Posted on 15 August 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Helps to save money

    Thanks to Dynamics Crm Customer Portal for Wordpress, my customers can resolve small queries on their own. It saved money as there was no need to set up call centers or employ customer care executives.

    Zachary Freeman (Posted on 8 June 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This

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