Hold Tunes are Out of Style: Upgrade with a Customer Portal

When you run an enterprise company, you tend to focus on big things. How many customers you have, how much revenue you are generating, how many employees you have etc.

It doesn’t affect your bottom line if you lose a few customers sometimes. Moreover, you are likely to gain new ones over time.

However, the way you think about the power customers have, has changed in the last couple of years. While companies that don’t want to pay attention to the grievances that customers face, don’t. But everyone knows that they are only a few too many social media complaints away from losing customers.

When cabs don’t arrive on time, people tweet at the company’s account. When other potential customers see that tweet, they will avoid using that cab the next time they need to make it to their appointment.

Addressing the issues that customers face on social media and otherwise is important now. You can easily use this platform to direct them to the support portal and guide them to help themselves. If their issue is not something that they can fix, you can guide them to raise a ticket in your customer portal.

The reason people complain on social media platforms is: a. Because they want everyone else to be aware of the company that wronged them and b. Because sometimes it can be difficult to raise a ticket on the company’s website. If they find how to do it, then perhaps there is no option for the issue they are facing. It can get quite ambiguous.

This is where your ideal CRM customer portal comes in. Not only will it make for a great space for your customers to reach out to you, it will also make it easier on your support staff. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for you.

Let’s explore what this portal can do that makes it such an obvious thing to have:

Financial benefits:

As an enterprise company, you are always spending a lot. But do you have to spend a lot in this case? Not particularly. The portal can do a number of tasks that support staff can, but better because it can do this 24*7*365! The portal works as a filter for the cases that actually need human interaction.

If your customer simply wanted to exchange a product, 2 buttons can do that task instead of ten-minute long conversation with someone from support. The resources you employ will be able to make better use of their time.

Avoiding repetitive inquiry:

Amazon in TV Buying guide Amazon in TV Buying guide

Imagine you have an ecommerce store that sells electronic appliances. The number of questions your support staff has to fill about each item, and the difference in each variant and the technology behind it is enormous. But you have a knowledge base on the portal that explains each variant, the technology and has a buying guide for each product. This helps the customers make an informed decision, without engaging with your staff. Your customer feels taken care of even though you were only a passive participant through their decision making journey.

No hold tune:

phoebe on hold Phoebe on Hold

Everyone remembers the scene from the TV show FRIENDS where Phoebe is on hold with customer support for hours. While it is funny in the show, if your customer has to go through that, they are ditching your product. You have competitors, and if they don’t make your customers wait on the phone, they will win the race.

Data management:

Duplicate Data Management Duplicate Data Management

Large enterprises tend to have a lot of dirty data. Dirty data means duplicate data, and old data. Of course, you wouldn’t know if your customer has changed their address when they add a new one. A customer portal gives them the right to manipulate their own details. They can modify addresses, contact details, and even preferences. These changes directly reflect in your CRM and you can have a clean, well-managed system in place, with almost no effort from your side!

What are the options you have as an enterprise to get such a portal in place? You will have a large customer base, and you will need to take care of security. You also need a more robust solution that looks and feels sleek to use. Keeping this in mind, you can go for a Dynamics CRM customer portal, leveraging the efficiency of Dynamics 365.

We understand that each business has a unique requirement, and we offer customization on our portal solutions. Get in touch with us here, for a walk through of the product and your custom requirements.

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