The Only Guide You Need To Hire Salesforce Developer in 2024

The Only Guide You Need To Hire Salesforce Developer in 2024

Salesforce is the most popular CRM that businesses use today. Supporting over 150,000 businesses, this CRM software has made every process of customer relationship management simpler. Salesforce’s CRM can do everything from handling customer contacts, making interactions easier, automating business workflows, etc. Simply put, CRM software is an outstanding and useful tool for every business.

Wondering why? This is simply because it helps businesses manage an organization’s relationships with their customers.

Regardless of the business’s size and industry, Salesforce’s CRM software has proven its worth. Moreover, when you hire Salesforce developer, you are sure to get the most from this tool! But how? These experts ensure that your tailor-made CRM helps you grow seamlessly without unnecessary hindrance. They automate multiple processes, which is one of the most sought-after things customers expect from the businesses they invest in and interact with.

Setting aside what CRM can do for you, one of the most painful things that comes along with managing the software is finding the right developers for it. It is tedious and frustrating to find and hire a Salesforce Developer who works hard to ensure the delivery of everything that you want, exactly how you desire it.

In this blog, let’s explore the reasons why you need these developers and how you can find them to fulfill your CRM requirements.

Why Would You Need to Hire a Salesforce Developer?

The need for professional Salesforce developers constantly increases, and so does the difficulty of hiring the right talent for businesses.

But why, all of a sudden, did this demand shoot up? Well, some of the most logical reasons could be:

Expansion in the Salesforce ecosystem

According to the latest IDC study, the Salesforce economy is gaining traction. It is anticipated to generate more than $2 trillion in revenue for new businesses. Furthermore, it is predicted that this growth will mostly happen between 2022 and 2028.

Well, the entire credit for this expansion goes to ongoing AI enhancements in the industry.

What is this Salesforce economy? The American cloud-based software company defines it as the “footprint of Salesforce and its partner ecosystem.” This ecosystem generally includes the revenues and jobs created by Salesforce and its partners using cloud services.

Moreover, the growing ecosystem is estimated to create about 9 million new jobs by 2026. Therefore, this indicates a steep growth in the adoption of Salesforce technologies and the snowballing need for efficient developers for the same.

Salesforce’s growing market leadership

According to a report, around 65% of businesses own a CRM system. Considering Salesforce CRM, several organizations on the Fortune 100 list use the software. For example, IBM, AWS, Walmart, NASA, BMW, U.S. Bank, etc., are some of the biggest companies that use Salesforce.


(Source: Statista)

With CRM’s shifting popularity, it’s no surprise that the need to hire Salesforce developers is on the rise. The market, across several industries, needs skilled developers who can manage the platform and bring innovation on board.

Software’s technical advancements require certified experts

Since Salesforce brings AI-powered solutions to its CRM system, organizations are hiring certified and trained employees.

Furthermore, companies that want to hire Salesforce developers to manage their CRM are looking to tackle the following top challenges:

  • Lack of skilled data engineers and AI modelers
  • Costs
  • Trustworthiness or bias in the data
  • AI governance
  • Risk management

Moreover, getting Salesforce certified offers several benefits to professionals, including better paychecks, skill development, and numerous outstanding career opportunities.

Now that you know why businesses like yours across many industries are looking for developers, it is time for you to learn how to find the best talent.

Let’s explore!

How to Hire Salesforce Developer That Suits Your Requirements?

To hire Salesforce developer, you need to keep the following things in mind:

Know your requirements

It is essential to determine ‘why’ you need a Salesforce developer in your organization. To identify the reasons, here’s what you can do:

  • Describe the skills you are looking for.
  • Define the scope of the developer and the role you want them to play.
  • Decide what kind of experience the person should have.
  • Create a job description that will help you find qualified candidates for the position.

Determine the type and skill set of the developer

Organizations often get confused with the type of Salesforce developer they want to hire.

Moreover, identifying which type of developer you want will allow you to define their skill sets and match them with your requirements.

  • Salesforce Administrator: They perform system configurations, provide access to users, and create reports. One of the main roles includes the responsibility of making sure that Salesforce is best used to support the business operations, ensuring seamless workflows. In simpler terms, they play a very important role in maintenance and enhancement of the effectiveness of Salesforce CRM.
  • Salesforce Architect: These architects have complete knowledge of Salesforce and its solutions. As their job title already suggests, the experts are responsible for the overall architecture of Salesforce and its other CRM services.
  • Salesforce Developer: These experts are good at coding, programming, and customization of Salesforce CRM according to the unique needs and functionalities of the business. They are highly skilled in process automation, software integration, and other requirements of related customized projects.

Technical skill sets you need to consider

One of the technical requirements your chosen Salesforce developer needs to have is a good command of Apex! Apex is the language developed by Salesforce that is primarily used by developers. They must also have prior hands-on experience with Visualforce. It is a framework that developers use to build customized user interfaces for the Salesforce platform.

Besides having this technical knowledge, you must hire Salesforce developer with the following:

  • Authentic certification to prove that they know Salesforce standards and are capable of meeting them on a daily basis!
  • They must be familiar with low-code automation tools and other data modeling techniques to make business processes simpler without writing lengthy codes.
  • They must be able to work with APIs and other integrations.
  • Expertise in working on similar projects like yours.

A Salesforce developer should also know various testing techniques to identify and solve potential technical errors. Additional knowledge about design patterns will also help with other problems related to software design.

Soft skills to evaluate

Besides exceptional technical skills, when you hire Salesforce developer for your organization, consider learning about the soft skills they hold.

For instance, they must have good communication skills, which will help them interact with different teams and work closely with clients.

Additionally, other soft skills they need to possess include:

  • Positive learning capabilities: Salesforce is known to experiment with different technologies. They consistently onboard the top trend-setting technologies to ensure clients get the most out of their CRM platform. Therefore, hire a Salesforce developer who is passionate about learning, bringing innovation to the table, and implementing everything they learn.
  • Analytical skills: The professional should be able to comprehend the business requirements, analyze them, and provide relevant solutions to help tackle them.

What Does a Salesforce Developer Do?

As someone who wants to hire Salesforce developer, it is important to understand what key responsibilities the professional will be delivering.

Some of the main responsibilities a Salesforce developer will have in your company’s CRM requirements include:

Customize and configure Salesforce CRM

They set up custom objects, fields, page layouts, and workflows to streamline multiple CRM processes.

Build custom apps

They perform the three D’s, that is design, develop, and deploy custom apps. They use Apex and Visualforce for this task.

Ensure seamless data flow

Salesforce developers are also responsible for integrating the CRM with ERPs, marketing automation platforms, and other technologies. Their role involves ensuring the smooth automation of different CRM-related processes across the organization.

Manage data

When you hire Salesforce developer, their core responsibility includes managing the data within Salesforce. From data cleaning to migration, validation, maintaining consistency, etc., developers manage everything.

Implement security measures

Salesforce developers are well-versed in security measures and standards. Therefore, their responsibilities include maintaining access controls within the CRM to protect sensitive data.

Optimize the system’s performance

The developers also optimize the performance of the CRM system. In addition, they identify and resolve performance issues and optimize any codes.

How can CRMJetty help?

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