How Healthcare Industry benefits from CRM and Wordpress Integration

Are you in the healthcare industry? Does your WordPress website leave you behind when it comes to customer satisfaction? This can be easily fixed by offering your WP customers the benefit of SugarCRM and WordPress integration in the form of a dedicated SugarCRM Customer Portal which they can access from their WP interface. Better and automated system, making their business function smoother and faster.

Huge changes are sweeping across the healthcare business and are dramatically impacting healthcare organizations. For successfully building brand loyalty and maintaining long-term relationships with customers it is must to retain and satisfy customers in the face of increasing competition. Providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies are focusing more on patient care and satisfaction. At the same time, patient expectations for accessibility of information and interactions have risen dramatically.

To adapt in this dynamic environment, organizations must be able to rapidly respond to changes in market conditions and customer requirements. The solution must be such that it enables you to share information across systems and organizations, helping to assure consistent, up-to-date information.

How Customer Portal Pro works!

Customer Portal Pro” allows you to manage all of your customers, partners, dealers and affiliates. You can organize your customers using custom attributes and keep track of your compatibility with them. It works well because it’s easy, powerful and you can manage everything from the ‘admin’ section of your site.

This plugin can integrate Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Meetings, Calls, Cases, Documents, Tasks, Notes of Sugar modules to your WP customer interface for their use.It will cut down your task of communicating with your WP customers and enables healthcare organizations to improve visibility, reduce complexity and remain quick in the face of massive change.

Modern healthcare systems must quickly evolve to meet the expectations of the connected users. It has been observed that costs have increased steadily irrespective to the medium of delivery, so ways have to be found to better, and cost efficiencies in delivering healthcare services. Customer Portal Pro enables healthcare sectors to go beyond this and build meaningful relationships with customers.