What Features Make CRMJetty’s Dynamics CRM Portal the Best in Market?

The general dislike towards haggling with customer support and regulatory agencies is well-known. As such, who likes overwhelmingly endless forms, long wait times, and queues for fulfilling their demands? If you think that these processes are frustrating just for the customers, you might be wrong. The employees who need to manage the flow of the application and process them well are even more flustered.

Thanks to the digital transformation and advancements in cloud technology, you can digitalize the customer support process. The merger of CRM and CMS is one such magical occurrence. And portals make it even better. You can connect with your customers and manage their data by having control over it. It makes customers happier and enables agencies to work with better efficiency.

Being one of the popular portal providers for Dynamics CRM, people often come complaining to us about the cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portal. They say it would cost them an arm and a leg if they invest 500 euros into it and would prove to be even more exorbitant when it comes to adding new customers. Furthermore, they even dislike the user interface and don’t find it user-friendly.

They want a solution that is efficient, easy to use and cost effective. And that’s why CRMJetty is herewith Dynamics CRM Portal for WordPress. It makes the task of managing documents, cases, schedules, accounts as well as order sheets absolutely seamless! Also, it just doesn’t process your database but also keeps all the records in detail.

Let’s check out some of the features of our Dynamics CRM Portal and the benefits it can render you with:

Easily Configurable & User-Friendly

CRMJetty designed DynamicsCRM WordPress Customer Portal with the intent to extends the basic functionality of MS DynamicsCRM and make it all-inclusive. Apart from the compact layouts we have created, we have organized and stacked elements on the dashboard. With the help of it, users can operate the portal with seamless navigation.

Now, let’s talk about the configuration part. ‘Rapid Deployment’ are the two words which we would like to use when it comes to setting up our portal plugins. They are ready to use and will start running in a matter of few minutes. As an Admin, you just need to sign into the system and you are sure to have one of the finest user experiences.

Solve Problems Easily

As a business owner, your biggest goal should be to eliminate the gap between the problem of your customers and fixing them. And you would want this process to be hassle-free. With the help of Dynamics CRM WordPress Customer Portal’s ticketing system, you can not only process your database but also keep all the records in detail.

One of the major benefits of our portal’s ticketing system is that it enables CRM users to communicate with customers without sending them long emails or haggling with them over calls. You would also be able to manage cases, documents, schedules and accounts with utmost ease and save a lot of time.

Keep Your Data Safe

If you have a business, you must understand the importance of data security. And here, we are talking about your customer data. The best part about our portal plugin is that it acts as a simple gateway between your CRM and CMS and helps business. Which means, it doesn’t store any data to our CMS’ server.

The data of your customers remain completely secure on your servers and WordPress offers the needed interface to the end users with protected access. The best part? Our developers have also ensured that Dynamics 365 Customer Portal for WordPress does not bring any vulnerabilities to your CRM data.

Work on a Customized Dashboard

Fixed dashboards can get quite mundane and boring! And then, you might want to set different themes, arrange page components the way you like and keep changing colors. Our Dynamics CRM Portal, helps you do just that. It comes with an intuitive user interface and offers seamless navigation. You can set and arrange different dashboard elements and work around frequently usable modules with ease.

As an admin, you just need to choose standalone or full-length page templates with the header and footer theme. And no getting overwhelmed with the number of features and tools! Just run a search tool from the dashboard and you can find the information you are looking for.

Final Thoughts…

It’s time to get over the traditional help desks and call centers. With all the above-mentioned benefits and many more, our Portal plugin is sure to make you and your customers smile. At CRMJetty, you can find a range of CRM based portal plugins. Check out the features and functionalities of our products in detail by visiting our store now!

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