Explore the Organizational Intelligence with Salesforce Wordpress Portal

Making good profits out of your business is all about making a good growth. In an overall picture, it may seem like “good growth” is all about selling your products or services more and more. But it is merely just doing that! To make it successful growth, you will have to deliver complete customers satisfaction and earn their loyalty. And not only your customers should be happy, your valuable employees should also be happy and work with complete motivation and encouragement. That is the perfect form of growth.

To achieve such a growth, it is necessary that you optimize your time and resources. Saving time will have you to deliver good. And, saving resources will help you to streamline your business operation. Along with that, it will also assist you drive your employees in the right direction where they find productive engagements. That may sound easy and simple, but it is a bumpy road with difficult turns.

And, if you are using the same old school methods of managing your database and tracking client with outdated CRM software, it is the time for change. There is an immediate need for you to get a solution that can drive an efficient work process for you. A solution that can save your time with convenience and productivity! Salesforce is the most competent of CRM all alternatives.


Salesforce can be considered as the next generation CRM solution with wide array of functionalities. Its open source programming is superiorly compatible to serve the needs of different businesses by offering customization. Automation and regular improvements put it amongst the top CRM platforms.

The automation features of Salesforce reduce more than 80% of your customer relationship management cost. Another benefit of this CRM platform is its pocket friendly pricing. You can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to build a good relationship with your customer but when it comes to using some tools to do that, Salesforce proves to the utmost affordable price.

To take the best out of this CRM, you can build a portal that feeds countless benefits along in a profoundly convenient manner.

Empower Your Business with Salesforce Powered Self-Care Portals

We are witnessing the Third Industrial Revolution. And the internet is ushering us to the path of accomplishing everything on clicks and taps. In this era, mastering your customer relationship practice with Salesforce on the World Wide Web can save a lot of your resources, time and efforts. It not only replaces calls and physical meetings with emails or chats but also deciphers your complex data into an easily comprehensive analytics report.

Developing a portal powered with Salesforce boosts your productivity besides a happy customer base where they are happily satisfied with you. These portals let your customers connect with you in a few clicks. Which means, they can seek support and get their queries/issues resolved on the go in the shortest span of time. Now, that is something every customer must looks before opting any service or product.

Salesforce gives you all the liberty to develop your self-care portal on your choice of content management system. Though it also offers a customer portal in its service struction, but it is going to ask you for deep pockets. Moreover, it will come with its preset functionality. But if you get a better option than this then?

AppJetty helps you with useful Salesforce customer portal that can work excellently with your WordPress portal. WordPress is one of the most used platform for business websites and it packed with many features. We have made this power-packed platform more powerful with the potential of Salesforce. It can integrate with your Wordpress site and work as an ultimate solution for your business. Let us see what capabilities it holds.

Salesforce Customer Management Portal Making Best Fit with CMSs

WordPress is the first choice of businesses with its simple yet advanced solutions. Salesforce is accordant to develop a portal plugin with the platform that powers more than 30% of the internet. It is compatible with the powerful features of WordPress and works outstandingly with it. Just drag, drop and draft whatever you want and go infinite with WordPress to manage your customer relationship.

Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal Plugin allows you to manage your day to day customer relationship activities in the easiest, quickest and the most efficient manner. It has the ability to outperform as an adroit solution for all divisions of industries! Whether you are dealing into healthcare products or a hotel owner it goes perfect with all industrial verticals.

WordPress is trusted by more than 30% of the internet. Same way, Salesforces is the first preference of thousands of eCommerce businesses and holds the title of the most popular CRM platforms. A hybrid solution of both will help you to track, prioritize and solve customer support tickets with utmost efficiency. It will make your process rightly productive as well as systematically methodical. So, using both together will deliver an excellent blend of advantages, and will take its usability to the next level.

Customized Web Salesforce Portals

If you wish to be a free bird and don't want to use any content management system, Salesforce will not upset you either! You can also opt a standalone customized Salesforce Portal that can be created as per your needs. It helps you accomplish all the tasks while bolstering your entire system. Such portals enact with AI and IoT finely to engage your customers profoundly active.

Carrying out a well-thought customer relationship practice can’t be good enough if you lack the well driven process. Salesforce backed self-care portals get you all the tools and everything installed to run a hybrid model of customer relationship exercises.

For instance, if you are working with a WordPress site, Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal will give you all the features for you and customers too. Your customers will be able to manage their relation on the portal itself by raising tickets for their requests. On the other hand, you can also help them by responding to these tickets right on the portal itself.

So, change the colors of your customer relationship’s driving force into green and implant a solution with great quality of support to keep customers happy as well as loyal. It will not only assist you to scale a better growth but will also move you forward in your compaction. Along with this, the benefits are not only for your business, your employees will enjoy working with you. This will encourage them to work harder for your business growth.