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Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of all businesses. To enhance customer experience, there should be a way to enable them to serve themselves. Customers and clients should be able to find the required information or solve their problems before seeking help. This is where a customer portal comes into the picture. If you are a business owner, you should pick the best client portal software suitable for your business requirements.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the advantages of a customer portal. We’ll also explain how we can help you build the best client portal software for your business with our portal development services.

Benefits of a Customer Portal

High Levels of Customer Satisfaction

A customer portal helps personalize the customer experience by letting you address each customer by their name at the time of log-in. By providing easy access to the information they need, you can engage them better.

You can let customers view their history of product purchases or past service subscriptions. Besides, they can also access the knowledge (articles, posts, FAQs, etc.) they need to solve their problems. You can also analyze the most common problems and curate your content to address them.

This way, the right and best customer portal software contributes to increased customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Security

As the admin, you can control the access to various entities in the portal. You can decide on the entities you let your customers access. You can also provide limited role-based access to different users within your organization to upkeep security.

Reduce Operational Costs

Resolving every query of your customer or client over calls and emails can be both tedious and costly. Instead, if you pick the best client portal software for your organization, your customers can self-address their common issues. Your support team can focus on resolving major issues of customers rather than minor and common issues. This, in turn, increases efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Why Choose CRMJetty to Build the Best Client Portal Software?

At CRMJetty, we can help you build the best customer portal software that suits your business requirements. Our customer portal has a number of features that can benefit your organization.

With Product Catalog and Services Display, you can display your products and services to your customers. You can also enable your clients and customers to reach out to you easily anytime via chat, tickets, etc. You can create different customer groups on different criteria to see particular prices and make them feel valued.

The integrated payment gateway lets your customers make purchases via payments right from within the portal. You can also analyze the portal data to find out what the customers are looking for in general. The tickets and cases customers generate can help you get insights into customers’ most common issues.

Last but not the least, we can help you build a customer portal as an extension of your CRM. Or we can also develop a web-based portal independent of the CRM. Both ways, your security stays intact with the database on your server only.

In short, we provide the best customer portal software development services you need for your organization.

Get Best Client Portal Software for B2B and B2C

There are basically two types of portal software - one for B2B and the other for B2C.

We provide portal development services for both types of portals.

If you run a B2C business, you need to provide access to your specific CRM entities to your customers. The requirements change depending on the type of industry. In case your requirements are generic and you don’t require many custom modules in CRM, we can help you out. We provide little customizations in our portal and get you the best customer portal software.

If you run a B2B business, the audience you need to serve is smaller. However, you would need to allow your business partners to access quotes, purchase orders, invoices, meeting schedules, etc. We can provide customizations as per your business requirements and ready your B2B portal.

Whether you are looking for a customer portal for your B2B or B2C organization, we’ve for you covered!



More About CRMJetty: Service Models and Industries We Serve

We aim to provide you with the best client portal software for your business. We provide portals for all major CRMs - Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Suite CRM, and Dynamics CRM. We develop portals for Banking & Insurance, Education, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Pharma, Services, and several other industries.

In most cases, we deploy one of the three service models based on clients’ requirements.

Existing Customer Portals

If you require a customer portal without several special requirements, you can pick from our ready-to-integrate portals. We provide readily integrable portal plugins for SugarCRM, Suite CRM, Salesforce, and Dynamics. They all have cutting-edge customer portal features that you can deploy to enhance your business operations.

New Development

If your business logic is very different and requires more customization, we can help you out. Our team notes down your requirements, works out customizations, and develops the best client portal software to fit your business.

Our developer team has vast hands-on experience in:

  • Front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Backend technologies including CorePHP, CakePHP, etc.
  • CMS technologies, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Cross-Platform technologies including Ionic, Xamarin, etc.

Hence, you can stay assured of the best client portal software development services with our team.

Updates on Your Existing Portal

In case you want, we can provide update services as well for your existing portal.

We can provide repair and maintenance services for your old portals. We can test your portal and fix bugs, enhance security, and help protect your data. We can also help you with migration to the latest technologies to facilitate easy maintenance. If you want us to re-develop your current solution and change its architecture, we can do that.

We run feasibility analysis, define the solution, develop and test the portal, integrate it, and provide training and support throughout.

All in all, we can upgrade your portal to the latest version with all the features.

Ready to Deploy a Customer Portal for Your Organization?

A customer portal is a key to enhancing customer experience and increasing their satisfaction.

If you are also searching for a feature-rich client/customer portal for your organization, you are at the right place. With CRMJetty’s team by your side, you are sure to get the best client portal software for you. Besides, you can avail of integration, training and continuous support throughout.

So far, we have developed portals for clients from over 25 countries. With 14+ years of experience in the portal development industry, we have accomplished over 70 custom portal integrations. With a proven track record of 1200+ completed projects, we assure you of the best-in-class portal development services.

We can take your business to the next level with an engaging customer portal!


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