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7 Benefits of Online Knowledge Portal

Content is ever-evolving and here to stay.

We are surrounded by it and constantly consume it in some or the other form.

It is important for companies like you to understand their customers and provide important information about your products, services or the industry upfront.

Today customers want to have full knowledge of your products before they invest. Also, they want to find out answers on their own. They don’t want to interact with your customer support team through different mediums unless and until it’s something big.

In such situations, an online knowledge portal is your answer. It becomes your visitors’ go-to medium to find answers and understand your product/service. Besides that, there many other benefits of integrating an online knowledge portal to your website.

So, let’s look at some other benefits of having an online knowledge sharing portal:

Decrease in the number of support tickets:

Having a knowledge portal will help you maintain all the necessary information about your products in one place. This makes it easy for your customers to know your products in-depth without having to make efforts to put together scattered information from all over the web.

Thus, if your customers make an informed decision, this will directly reduce the generation of support tickets. Even your employees will have more time for research, improving conversion rates, and providing premium support to customers who might have major issues.

Marketing resources:

Knowledge portals make pitching your products/services easy for your marketing as well as the sales department. Not only that but you can also run the marketing campaigns inside the software to upsell or cross-sell your products. This will be a more targeted approach with better conversion rates than anything you will achieve from normal platforms. The reason being these customers already trust your brand and are willing to invest more in you and your products. You can also use this channel to notify your customers about any discount offers.

Knowledge portal makes it easy for your customers to come online, check the new offers or coupons if any are available on your products. These things make it easy for you to provide the best of your services in a very cost-effective manner.



Portals help your customers to securely access CRM data based on the accessibility provided to them from the backend. Customers will be given credentials using which they can securely login and have access to your portal.

As a company you will be having thousands of users’ data, authorized documents, etc. and to keep this data secure is your responsibility. To keep this data secure and its sharing more secure, you need to make sure that you are using the latest encryption techniques.

Using the latest techniques ensures that data is secured, away from the reach of hackers or unauthorized persons.

Provide support anytime & anywhere:

As a company, many a time you will need to update your product manuals, documents, terms, and conditions, etc.

Let’s say if you roll out any feature in your product then you will need to make the necessary changes in your user manual as well. This is when having a knowledge portal becomes a boon. With the help of it, you can easily make necessary changes in the manual or the documents and simply upload it. With that, you can just set up a notification that alerts your portal users about the new feature and redirects them to the updated document. And if they have any questions, they can always type in their query, look for answers, or submit a support ticket.

This way, you can easily be there for your customers anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of cloud based solution:

Developing these portals and then storing huge amounts of data on a server can turn out to be a costly affair. This is why a cloud-based portal solution can be a cleverer as well as a cost-effective choice here. How? Because for such a solution, you pay as per the usage of space. No extra headache of setting up a server, daily maintenance cost, etc. This way you can lower down the cost of customer support while providing them with high-quality 24*7 support on the go.

Integration with AI:

Chatbot AI

There is no field today which Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not touched. Be it healthcare, automobiles, banking, or our day-to-day lives. It is present everywhere and is rapidly becoming part of our lives.

In fact, many companies have started using AI to provide better customer service.


By integrating Artificial Intelligence with their knowledge or web portals.

Properly crafted customer journey, conversational AI, and chatbots, by having these three things in your knowledge portal, you can provide exceptional customer service in different time zones 24*7*365 days. This means no more waiting for days for a call back or a reply for customers and good word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Additionally, it helps your sales and support team. The benefits of AI are beyond our imagination regardless of its application or industry.

Increased customer satisfaction:

Online knowledge portals help you be there for your customers when they need you the most. This directly affects their opinion about your organization and can make them your promoters too, if all went well. This lessens the burden of your support team whilst keeping your customers happy and in your sales funnel.

And we all know what’s the result of happy customers; business and revenue growth.

Final words:

Knowledge sharing portals are here to disrupt the customer support and service industry especially with the proper application of Artificial Intelligence. Your customers are evolving and so are their needs. To keep up, businesses need to adapt the new, effortless, and quicker ways to interact with their customers.

If you don’t want to go for a pre-defined portal solution, you can always get in touch with a custom portal solution provider for your company. The advantage of having a custom portal is that you can add features according to your requirements and your business logic.

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