7 Best B2B Customer Experience Examples

7 Best B2B Customer Experience Examples

Nikita Rohira

September 1st, 2021

An improved customer experience can lead to a 10 – 20 percent reduction in customer churn and 50 percent lower service costs. A report by Adobe says that businesses (B2B and B2C) leading in CX are three times more likely to have succeeded in their 2019 expectations and goals.

However, the score differs for B2B and B2C. While customer experience for B2C falls between 60 – 85 percent, B2B brands average lies at 50 percent.

Thus, B2B brands are finding innovative ways to optimize the customer experience. Here are the seven companies that are adopting customer-first culture.

1. IBM

The first hallmark of a great CX is giving customers a positive experience at every stage of buying. IBM assigns every customer a team of specialists to help them set up IBM cloud storage. They train customers about the applications best for their business. When a customer truly understands the product, they engage better. IBM asks for feedback to improve products and offer better services. This increases its customer retention rate.

Likewise, you can deliver better service with B2B portal development. With a knowledge base, you can educate customers on the best options. The valuable content, recommendations, tutorials, and expert advice can ease customers’ purchase fear and create a long-lasting relationship.

2. FedEx

A continuous follow-up with customers to resolve issues, provide support, and collect feedback is what made FedEx one of the most trusted B2B companies, according to SageFrog. One of the notable examples is their customer-centric newsletter. They streamlined the communication to make things better for internal teams and customer engagement. Instead of sending out different emails, each team works together to deliver better results/offerings to the customers.

As B2B businesses have decentralized and siloed departments, B2B web portal development offers hassle-free communication via different channels, including phone, chat, email, chatbot, etc. Like FedEx, you can boost your employee engagement with a portal.

3. Jamf

Most of the customers cater to solve the problems themselves or by reaching out to fellow customers. Thus, you must offer them a place to connect and share their ideas/solutions with fellow customers, just like Jamf does. Jamf is a company that helps small businesses manage their Apple devices. They have created a community known as ‘Jamf Nation‘ for customers to connect with other IT professionals and learn about the latest Apple products. It encourages customers to share ideas and seek help to improve business aspects. Jamf also hosts user conferences and events to build community.

You should also create a community as it will make your B2B brand more approachable.

4. Kabbage

Convenience is an essential factor to consider in customer service. And it’s more important while working in a B2B environment as customers expect quick solutions and a better, approachable method.

Here’s how Kabbage leveled up the game. To avoid making customers wait for ten days for physical loan approval, they brought in an online solution that approves the loan in less than 10 minutes. This online system streamlines the lending process by eliminating all the unnecessary steps and manual paperwork.

This helped small businesses, i.e., Kabbage’s customers, quickly start their own business. If you’re thinking of helping your customers the way Kabbage does, go for B2B portal development. It will automate the basic operations, connect with customers in real-time, educate them and offer post-purchase support. Most importantly, it will boost your business productivity.

You can learn all about the B2B portal here – B2B Portal Development Guide.

5. HubSpot

Customers like approaching businesses that offer proactive support. It means reaching out to customers and asking for their problems or how you can help them. Chatbots on the homepage are one of the best examples, and Hubspot has implemented it very well with the ‘HubBot’ chatbot.

When a user lands on the homepage, they are acknowledged and welcomed by HubBot, asking customers a few questions to provide them with the best services or connect with the right agent. HubBot not only helps customers find what they are looking for, but it also saves the support team’s time as they have all the data while communicating with the client.

Likewise, a chatbot can help you deliver excellent customer service. With it, you can point them in the right direction to automatically answer questions by redirecting them to relevant content such as FAQs, articles, etc., or connecting them to the sales reps without wasting time.

6. Bell Canada

Proactivity is one of the pillars of excellent customer service. It anticipates customers’ problems and resolves issues even before customers feel the pain, just like Bell Canada does.

Bell Canada communications company uses a proactive support process on its website. Whenever a customer calls in with a specific question, the company creates suggested steps and offers self-service solutions to help customers solve problems independently. For example, if more customers are calling back requesting usage instructions for a particular feature. They would offer a quick tutorial on the phone or videos to reduce the call-backs.

This is why we suggest B2B web portal development. A self-service approach with a knowledge base can reduce customer effort and offer hassle-free journeys. For you and your team, it means a reduction in customer calls.

7. ING

Customers’ needs, behavior, and attitude keep changing, just like technology and legislation. Thus, ING – the Netherlands-based bank, created a solution for its clients to access accounts, view custom reports, and transact in real-time from anywhere. The omnichannel experience helped ING grow its profits by 23 percent.

Likewise, you should integrate a solution that’s constantly improving. A B2B web portal will provide omnichannel support, reports, and analytics to understand customers’ requirements. However, ensure that the portal is customizable. It should grow along with your business.

Parting Words

B2B businesses have to perform better on six factors – commitment, fulfillment, seamlessness, responsiveness, proactivity, and evolution to achieve customer service excellence. A B2B portal development is a single way to achieve all these – with a self-service, knowledge base, community, collaboration, communication channels like a chatbot, and personalization and customization options.

So, think about it. Go for B2B web portal development.


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