CRMJetty Portal - An Alternative to SugarCRM Self-Service Portal

SugarCRM is a leading customer relationship management software which is used to manage as well as interact with customers. And to expand the usability of its CRM, Sugar has a self-service portal. This portal, with all the basic features, enables businesses to provide their customers with swift and effective service. But basic features are never enough. In case you are looking for SugarCRM Portal Alternative with standout features then you've come to the right place.

Here's a detailed one-on-one feature comparison of a SugarCRM Portal with CRMJetty's SugarCRM WordPress portal.

A Quick Feature Comparison

A Quick Feature Comparison

SugarCRM’s portal comes with features that are mainly from the CRM side, whereas CRMJetty portal’s features are bifurcated into CRM based and WordPress based. There are some terrific WordPress features that can enhance a portal’s ability to serve your customers like:

- Single sign in
- Email verification flow
- Approval flow
- Import/export portal users
- ReCaptcha
- Module reordering

You can take advantage of those features with CRMJetty SugarCRM WordPress customer portal.

Other CRMJetty Customer Portal Remarkable Features:

- Chat Box Integration: This feature enables easy communication with customers so your support staff can solve their queries as soon as they contact you.
- Other Resource Management Features: CRMJetty Portal also provides Quotation management, Product catalog management, Proposal management, as well as, Sub-Panel Accessibility.


Natively added features can be easier to manage and use because of the deeper integration, as opposed to using various extensions for different features. It can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Some of the additional features that are in CRMJetty’s Sugar portal are very nifty little tools. They add convenience and ease to your workflow.

As compared to SugarCRM’s in-house portal, CRMJetty’s portal gives more features in number as well as in quality. It throws in features for password management, and selection and deletion of multiple records, calendar, etc. which enhances your business efficiency.

If you are looking to have a smooth workflow and spending less time figuring out how to use your tools, you should check out our SugarCRM portal here.

If you have any questions regarding it or have any customization requests, you can also contact us here.

Note: The above one-on-one feature comparison between CRMJetty customer portal and SugarCRM mobile app is based on the latest version of SugarCRM portal available on 20th June 2019.

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