Top 5 Benefits of AI in Customer Service

Good customer experience is one of the driving forces behind having a successful business in this competitive market. According to research done by Salesforce, 80% of decision makers think that having a better customer experience is one of the most important things. Today customers are giving equal importance to good experience as they give to products and services.This has made it challenging for businesses to always be on their toes, go one step ahead and serve their customers better. To ease this entire process of making customer experience better technology has helped a lot. One such thing is new in the field of customer service and that is AI.

More than half the work decreased when portals were introduced in the market. And now going one step further, companies have started introducing AI in portals. This has made lots of tasks of customer agents easy and helped them increase their productivity.

Let’s see ways AI is helping your customer agents serve your customers better:

Case Handling:

When your customer is facing issues they are very likely to look up the solution on the portal and solve it on their own. But, if they can’t then they will generate a ticket or live chat with your employees. Followed by a quick Q&A.

Whereas, with the intervention of AI, you can build a Chabot and instill in live chat. Chabots with the help of machine learning can talk with customers in the first phase, gather all the information or problems they are facing and pass it to your customers.

Now, your employees can solve these issues faster and customers too will not have to wait much for response.

Better employee insights:

Continuously checking and micro-managing your customer agent is not the acceptable thing. They are very likely to get disturbed and might not be able to work efficiently. In such cases, AI can help you. You can now get insights into their performance, their problem solving strategies, how they help customers, time taken to solve each problem, and more.

You can gather all this information and understand which points are making your employees slow. So, in turn you can decide which areas your employees need to have more training or define different ways to solve their issues.

Personalized recommendations:

Understanding your customers’ previous purchases and recommending things to them on the basis of it is an important thing. It is also one of the ways to provide better customer service to your customers.

For example, suppose your user has added some item in the cart then during the checkout you can recommend them certain items from their wishlists which will go with the product they are purchasing. Just like Myntra! They always recommend to you other products as well on the basis of your previous purchase, size, location, and many more. This will help you to know your customers better, their choices, and serve them in the right way.

Predict future trends:

Using AI you can predict future trends of the market on the basis of your customers’ pain points. This will help you to serve your customers in the right way but also set a new trend in the market.

With the help of AI you can predict the future trends of your market. This will help you to understand your customers better, serve them in the right way, and change the marketing strategy according to the future preferences.

This will help you to serve your customers better, know their choice and recommend on its basis, stay ahead of competition.

Prioritization of work:

Prioritizing work is a major concern which leads to lethargic work. It helps to serve your customers in the right way. With the help of AI algorithms you can define which thing is in the priority and further it makes the decision on the basis of it.

Wrapping up:

Artificial intelligence is not new but with time people have started using it in business to serve their customers better. There are multiple platforms that provide this solution but the best solution is a portal with salesforce wordpress integration.

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