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Face-to-face communication with travel agents and manual travel bookings have taken a back seat with everything turning digital. Our travel portal software is a next-gen travel and hospitality portal for all companies looking to step into an online travel business. Bring more transparency and efficiency to your travel business with admin features like ticket and booking management and customer-specific features like online ticket and hotel booking. Give your customers an unparalleled travel experience with online ease and turn them into your promoters.

Manage Ticket Booking Details

Access all your customers’ ticket booking details and add or update them efficiently on the go. Eliminate the hassle of manual record-keeping of booking details and make your system error-free with our travel booking portal software.

Manage Hotels and Hotel Bookings

Streamline your hotel booking management with a centralized view of all your customers’ hotel bookings and their details in our travel portal software. Add or update hotels’ details in real-time to avoid any chances of issues post bookings. Enhance your customers’ hotel booking experience and drive more bookings online.

Identification Management

Simplify the identity verification process for your customers with online verification of their identity proof(s). Eliminate the hassle of manual identity verification and enhance the customers’ booking experience with our travel portal software.

Tour Package Management

Manage the tour packages’ details and prices in real-time. Offer the best suitable tour package recommendations as per your customers’ budget and preferences. Make your customers return to you by providing a seamless package booking experience.

Agent Management

Manage all your online travel and hospitality agents and their details right from within the travel portal software. Add or update their profiles, charges, and other details and let them manage their accounts and customers easily.

Payment Gateway Management & Refund Management

Offer multiple payment options for your customers to pick from. Make the payment process easy and smooth for customers with our travel portal software. Facilitate the refund process for customers by managing their refund requests in the backend.

Commission and Deal Management

Individual hospitality agents can manage their commission fee for bookings on your site. They can also track the total bookings and offer deals and discounts to attract more bookings to your site. Accordingly, they can adjust their commission fee.

Reservation Management

Individual travel agents can log in to the portal to view all the bookings coming through your site that they have to handle. They can manage their travel booking services to avoid any booking-related issues later.

Credit Management

Individual travel and hospitality agents can implement credit systems for customers in the portal. It can help them encourage repeat bookings from customers and boost brand loyalty. They can, thus, attract more sales and broaden their customer base.

Easy Ticket, Tour Package, and Hotel Booking Management

Customers can check out and book tickets available buses, trains, or flights, etc. and also enjoy round-trip discounts. They can also view hotels, ratings, charges, and facilities, holiday tour packages, their details, prices, and more to make the best choice.

Payment Management

Customers can choose from multiple payment options to pay for their bookings. They can also save or update a payment method like card details for future bookings. This helps make the transactions easier and faster.

Booking History Management & Cancellation

Customers can view their travel booking history and update any future booking details in real-time. They can also update check-in details or cancel a hotel booking easily in real-time with our travel portal software.

How We Create a Perfect Travel Management Portal for a Travel Company

  • Requirement gathering

    Once a client signs up with us, our team has a meeting with them to discuss an overview of what they need, and then there is a discussion about the nuances of what we can do for them.

  • Cross check with the base product, finalize customization

    Once we know what the requirements are, we cross-check those with the product we have, and figure out what customizations are needed for real estate portal development. If we need to create a unique custom solution, we create an exhaustive list of the details and a roadmap for it.

  • Give iterative updates

    Once we begin creating the solution, we share iterative updates with the client so they are always in the loop.

  • Test for limitations

    We test out the changes and limitations so that we can ensure that the solution works exactly as the client required it.

  • Final delivery

    Once we get final approval from the client, we deliver the final product with the necessary documentation.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Once you begin using it, we provide support and maintenance as well.

Your Travel Portal Consultants

We have been in the portal industry for over 14 years now. We believe that portal solutions can streamline complex workflows and that can lead to better efficiency, transparency, and security. If you are in the travel business services industry, we want to help you give all of that to your employees, associated hospitality partners and agents, and of course, your customers.

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