Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal Pricing

$3999/year (No Hidden Cost, Unlimited Users*)


  • Installation
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Unlimited Logins
  • No User-Based Charges*
  • Page Builder
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Custom Dashboards
  • All Standard Object Support
  • All Custom Object Support
  • WPML Integration
  • Business Automation

Looking for more?

  • No Revenue Sharing

  • Live Training

  • Secure & Stable Product

  • Lifetime Free Support

  • Lifetime Free Updates


General FAQs

  • What is customer portal and how is it useful?

    Customer Portal is similar to a Self-Service portal in which they provide an online support channel for customers by allowing them to resolve their queries without contacting a customer service representative. Customer portal enhances the customer relationships by providing them with the information around the clock.

  • How secure CRMJetty's Salesforce WordPress Portal?

    We are not storing data on portal side, we use the default API calls to transfer the data in a secure manner and our product has passed through the AppExchange security review process.

  • What if I want to install on more than one domain or development server?

    On single domain purchase, we allow one live and one development domain. If you would like to use the portal on more than two domains with a single installation, then you need to purchase it for additional domains.

  • What should I do if I have different CRM installations?

    If you are likely to use the extension on domains with separate installation, then you need to purchase another copy of the portal.

  • Do you provide a live demo (on Skype)?

    Yes, you can get a personalized live demonstration from our experts in your time zone and according to your convenience. Click Here for a free demo. We look forward to hear from you.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, you can refer our refund policy @

  • Can I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it? If yes, are there any charges for the transfer?

    Yes, you can transfer the license. And no, there are no charges for the transfer.

  • Can CRMJetty customize the portal according to my needs?

    Of course! This is what we’re good at! Please get in touch with us at to discuss your specific needs. We would be delighted to hear you.

  • Do you provide installation for the plugin?

    Yes, we do provide free installation service.

  • Is there any limit to grant access to Portal Users?

    No. There is no user restriction for granting portal access.

  • Does your portal store any data on CMS server?

    No. Our product does not store or fetch any kind of data on CMS server. It is secure on your CRM server and our solution just provides interface to the end users with secure access.

Technical FAQs

  • Does it support custom modules of CRM?

    Yes, it supports custom modules of CRM having Contact to object, 1 to N relationship.

  • Do I need to provide any additional details to add custom module?

    No. You can enable/disable any object from CRM itself.

  • What are the details required to make a connection with CRM?

    You just need your CRM instance URL, CRM admin username and CRM admin password to make a connection. For further details, you can review our user manual guide.

  • Does it only support HTTPS?

    Yes. As per Salesforce Standards, your Portal must have a valid SSL.

Points To Note

Points To Note

In order for the Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal to be installed accurately, and work as per the described functionality, below requirements must be met.

  • You should be able to login as an Administrator in CRM/CMS (WordPress) for installation.
  • Check that your Salesforce & WordPress Instance is compatible for Portal.
  • You must have a valid License Key Provided by CRMJetty.
  • Your WordPress portal site must have an SSL Certificate.
  • If you are installing Portal then make sure that no older version of the plugin is already installed on Salesforce or WordPress. If there is any then you should uninstall that plugin first.
  • Not compatible with platform.
v5.0 to 5.7.x Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance, Professional (Note: If API is enabled)
Change Log

Change Log

Version 5.5.0 : June 9, 2021
  • Provided different sections in Field Management for Only Picklist fields.
  • Provided Picklist Options dynamically visibility on the Portal side.
  • Provided dynamic default picklist selection for any picklist fields on the portal side.
  • Provided a multi picklist selection limit for any picklist fields on the portal side.
  • Provided the field’s section switch by drag and drop in layout page.
  • Provided the selected field switch by drag and drop in Layout page.
  • Provided the dynamic sub panel into the portal side.
  • Layout Page conversion to LWC framework.
  • Portal Setting Page conversion to LWC framework.
  • Object Configuration page conversion to LWC framework.
  • Object Access Page conversion to LWC framework.
  • Knowledge base article page conversion to LWC framework.
  • Provided dynamic subpanel in detail page on the portal side.
  • Provided dynamic default picklist selection for any picklist fields on the portal side.
  • Provided a multi picklist selection limit for any picklist fields on the portal side.
Version 5.4.2 : April 7, 2021
  • Panel wise layout setting in Edit/detail view of forms
  • Control to sync the layouts from CRM to Portal
  • Data preserve on up-gradation of the portal plugin
Version 5.4.1 : March 17, 2021
  • WPML addon support with 1.0.0
  • Big fixing and minor structure changes
Version 5.4.0 : January 5, 2021
  • Multi Language support from WordPress side
Version 5.3.0 : December 16, 2020
  • Allow Portal users to Close/Reopen the cases
  • Advanced Form management with conditional logic on fields
Version 5.2.0 : November 25, 2020
  • Portal pages segregation
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Object wise page support
Version 5.1.0 : November 03, 2020
  • Advanced Field Management
  • Advanced Filter support on the portal side
Version 5.0.1 : October 27, 2020
  • Portal compatibility with Person Account
Version 5.0.0 : October 06, 2020
  • Standard & Custom object support with CRUD
  • Custom relationships support
  • Enable Product selection on Opportunity and Order object
  • Minor Bug Fixing
Version 4.0 : August 19, 2020
  • Drag and Drop Exclusive Page Builder
  • Customer Portal Menu Customizer
  • All WordPress Theme Supported
Version 3.3.2 : June 15, 2020
  • Minor Security fixes
Version 3.3.1 : December 03, 2019
  • ReCaptcha support on Portal side
  • Security Upgrades
  • Enabled Log tracking
Version 3.3.0 : August 13, 2019
  • Implemented two factor authentication in Login
  • UI/UX Enhancements
Version 3.2.0 : April 15, 2019
  • Group wise layout setting in CRM.
  • Email verification and user approval flow.
  • Case deflection.
  • Like or dislike solution options.
  • Attachment with add case.
Version 3.1.0 : December 10, 2018
  • API Calls optimizations
  • Dynamic Layout Setting for Registration
  • Bug Fixing
Version 3.0.0 : October 11, 2018
  • Dashboard support in portal with recent activities and charts
  • Addon Support for Knowledgebase articles
  • Calls module Support
  • Attachments Support
  • Email notification to customers and CRM users for activities
  • Customizable Profile layout in CRM
  • Case Solutions Integration
Version 2.1.0 : June 22, 2018
  • Ability to connect live and Sandbox Account in Wordpress admin
  • Ability to disable/enable Portal registration to Wordpress admin
  • PHP-7 Support
  • Security Bug Fixing
Version 2.0.0 : December 26, 2017
  • Dynamic access rights for portal user for each module (view/add/update/delete)
  • Ability to provide portal access to already created CRM contacts from CRM
  • Contract and Order module support to portal users
  • Ability to search globally from all modules in portal
Version 1.0.0 : June 17, 2017
  • SalesforcePort – Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress is Released.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Salesport - Customer Portal for Wordpress

    I highly recommend Salesport - A Customer Portal for Wordpress. It has provide us with a very functional Customer Portal allowing our customers to view order and tracking information and communicate with our Customer service team

    Barry Hill (Posted on 1 November 2020)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great customization work

    CRMJetty's Salesforce portal is a great solution for my business. It has made our workflow smoother. During setup, their team was always accessible and great to work with!

    THOMAS MARTIN (Posted on 30 January 2020)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Recommended

    SalesPort Customer Portal by AppJetty is highly recommended for anyone wanting to integrate WordPress and Salesforce beyond web-to-lead forms. I have been using SalesPort since September 2018 and find it to be a real gift for anyone seeking substantive WordPress/Salesforce integration without custom development. This is exactly what you want if you intend for customers to use the Portal without investing in a dedicated support team. In summary, SalesPort and AppJetty are essential to my ongoing WordPress/Salesforce integration efforts.

    Dale Smith (Posted on 17 February 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Amazing Customization & User-friendly Tool

    We used BizTech's self-service portal for Salesforce to replace the outdated version that is part of classic Salesforce. My organization has a unique use in Salesforce and needed customization to make the portal function for us. Biztech was very accommodating to our requests for customization and worked with us to smooth out the process. BizTech was great for us to work with and the product is easy to use and functions well.

    Scott A Precourt (Posted on 17 February 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This