Empower your team with Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce for nonprofits lets you create a community by leveraging the technology. It has all the necessary features an NGO requires to bring change, and bring it effectively and fast. It’s the perfect solution for the nonprofit community built by the same community to help you give back to society. It’s completely flexible and scalable allowing you to make changes according to your workflow.

Donation Management

Track all the types of donations you get from one-time gifts, recurring gifts, matching gifts, in-kind gifts, memorial gifts, grants, and more. It can also help you see a potential donation lead and close it.

Gift Entry

Allows you to enter gifts in the CRM in an efficient way, whether it is large, complex, or small gifts.

Engagement Plans

You need to strategize an engagement plan with your donors. These have to depend on the level of donor, so you design your touch points accordingly.

Program Tracking

A streamlined platform to track and deliver all the different programs that your organization is concerned with, helps carry them out efficiently.

Volunteer Management

Managing a proper schedule based on volunteer availability gives you broad visibility of the work and gives them a smoother way to donate their time and skills.

Segment Tracking

The organization’s programs and work can be broken down into various segments like seasons, funding cycles, and more. The segment tracker helps you track them better based on all of these elements.

Analyze your Impact

Analyzing your impact and marketing performance across the web which helps you make decisions that are based on data, so you know how people are responding to your campaigns and work.

Personalized Interaction

Interaction Studio allows you to get real-time signals across platforms so you can take action and establish relevant interactions with your audience.

Better Engagement

Engage, but better and intelligently with your audience across platforms. An intelligent engagement journey would help you create an impact that is effective.

Relationship Management

Building relationships with your audience, from donors to volunteers, and more is key to how far and wide your organization goes. Leverage the tools to manage those relationships.

Track Donations

Track the donations and bifurcate them into types so you know how to get the best out of them. Monetary donations will have certain use cases, while others will have different uses.

User Levels

Defined user level helps mark a clear distinction between roles and responsibilities that each person is given so they can oversee the execution of things while also making sure all the efforts are fruitful.

Take Salesforce Nonprofit One Step Further with Salesforce Portal

Salesforce portal becomes an easy to navigate interface that adds to the benefits of the Salesforce Nonprofit package. It streamlines interaction with volunteers, companies, and donors so that they take the right actions when required. It enables an organization to communicate effectively as well as have streamlined processes for operations.

The portal creates the necessary bridge between people outside the organization and inside of it, which creates the necessary transparency that nonprofits should have.

  • Unlimited users
  • Secure access to CRM data
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Volunteer calendar
  • Custom Menu
  • Virtual waiver forms
Web Portal Development

Your Salesforce Nonprofit Consultants

With the right experience and knowledge of building nonprofit portals for Salesforce clients, we understand the requirements thoroughly and use cases that help us create insightful solutions for you. Our solution is also the preferred solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. We are the Salesforce Nonprofit consultants that are ready to be your partners.

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