Client Requirements

Client needed a platform that would help manage vendor relationships and the production process seamlessly.

  • Centralized dashboard offering real-time insights into production, product development, shipments, and various activities.

  • Live tracking of courier statuses, enhancing transparency and communication.

  • User access levels based on roles (lead/customer), allowing seamless sign-up, conversion, and access privileges.

  • Instant notifications to users for various process steps, such as freight, courier, production, sourcing, and inspection.

  • Organized document repository for contracts and projects with direct download capabilities.

  • Conversion of leads to contacts once they pay via PayPal or bank.


We enabled them to keep an eye on all operations and other solutions with an intuitive platform.

  • 360° Dashboard: We created the “360° Portal” dashboard with real-time insights, interactive charts, and customized activity tracking with filters and sorting options.

  • Aftership API Integration: Leveraging the Aftership API, we implemented a live courier tracking feature, allowing users to monitor current courier statuses effortlessly.

  • Role-Based Access: Users could sign up as leads or customers, and after conversion, their CRM profiles seamlessly transitioned to portal users with relevant access privileges.

  • CRM Activities Notification: Our solution provided automated notifications for various CRM activities, ensuring freight, courier, production, sourcing, and inspection updates.

  • Document Subpanel: We created a dedicated document subpanel within the platform, enabling users to manage, organize, and download documents associated with projects and opportunities.

  • Contact Creation: We built the workflow to automatically convert a Lead account to a Contact account after payment, thus eliminating the need to create new or duplicate entries.


View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Enhanced Visibility and Control

The 360° Portal empowered the client with unprecedented insights, enabling real-time monitoring and control over their operations, from production to shipments.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Improved Customer Experience

The real-time courier tracking feature elevated customer experience, fostering transparency and reducing communication gaps.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Efficient User Onboarding

Role-based access and seamless conversion from leads to portal users simplified the onboarding process, enhancing user engagement.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Timely Notifications

Users received timely notifications for critical process steps, ensuring proactive decision-making and streamlined workflows.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Document Management Efficiency

The integrated document subpanel streamlined contract and project document management, enhancing collaboration and access.

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