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Geared a Portal Solution for this Gearbox and Motors Manufacturing Company

Bonfiglioli manufactures gearboxes and gear motors for a wide range of industries. They also distribute gear motors, drive systems, and planetary gearboxes to satisfy needs for industrial processes, automation, and mobile units.

What was Their Requirement?

The client required a platform for the service of their machinery. They required this service to be based on the serial number or material number of the machinery, in addition to having different roles for users.

How We Helped

We conducted thorough research on the company and its necessities. We came up with a solution that is better explained by splitting it into three parts according to the roles of the entities involved.

1. Customer

  • The customer can create a case or a claim by entering the serial number or material number.
  • Additional details of the case will be fetched from SAP which will be based on the entered serial number or material number.
  • A customer can ask for one or more parts to be attached to the gearbox/machinery through this platform.
  • A customer is given the option to add comments to their case so they communicate their case better.

2. Service Provider

  • The service provider can see all the work orders which are assigned to them.
  • They can accept/reject the work order and assign the service to one or more service operators.
  • They are able to view the spare parts required for the service and also are able to download them in XLS format.

3. End User

  • The end user can view the status of their work order/service and can view the line items related to their work order.
  • The end user can create the case as an on-site intervention for different case types like on-site repairs, one-shot analysis, and one-shot maintenance.

What Was The Result?

The client got exactly what they asked for. The solution provided by us eliminated the manual work of handling claims/services on call/emails. Customers now get an online platform where they can create, update, and otherwise manage their queries, and communicate better with Bonfiglioli.

With our work, the client's website earned 700 active users worldwide. The client also received excellent feedback from their customers for the new website.


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