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Customer and Vendor Management Streamlined for the US’ ergonomic office products’ manufacturer

  1. Workrite Ergonomics

    Workrite Ergonomics, headquartered in the US, is a leading designing, manufacturing, and distribution of height-adjustable workstations and ergonomic office accessories, including adjustable keyboard platform, flat panel monitor support systems.

  2. Requirements:

    The client came with the requirement of providing login panels to two different types of users - customers and vendors. They wanted to give the access to the portal users as vendors or customers from within CRM.

    • In Customer Portal:

      The client required support for three objects - Accounts, Customer Orders, and Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs) in the portal.

      The client wanted to display all the data related to multiple Transmission Sequence Numbers and Account Numbers assigned to customers on the portal side. They also wanted to display Sales Profit Incentives related to TSN numbers and account numbers of customers on the portal side.

    • Vendor Portal:

      The client wanted to provide the portal’s access to their vendors.

      They demanded a new login page for Sales Performance Incentive Fund (SPIF) users in the portal to eliminate the need for any signup process.

      The vendors should be able to upload and download attachments related to them.

      Spiff Due (Custom Object) - They wanted a spiff vendor number available for each contact. They requested to show Spiff due records related to each vendor number on the portal’s side.

      Invoices: Each spiff due record has associated one invoice number. They wanted to show that invoice in the subpanel of the Spiff Due Detail Page. Vendors should be able to access the invoice line items from the details page.

  3. Solutions:

    The client wanted two different flows for two different user types. Instead of providing two separate packages of default portals, we successfully provided support for two user type portals in a single website via role management.

    • For Customer Portal:

      • In the first phase, we provided customization to cater to clients’ requirements on the default portal.

      • We provided access to Customer order and SPA object access in the portal.

      • We customized API calls to fetch details related to account number and TSN number.

    • Vendor Portal:

      • We displayed spiff due records based on vendor number. We fetched vendor numbers when the vendor login into the portal and stored it into the session.

      • We displayed invoices in the Details Page of Spiff Due in the portal. page of spiff due in the portal.

      • We also displayed attachments related to the Vendor into the portal.

  4. Results:

    • With our solution, our client has succeeded in providing the best experience to both customers and vendors with a single interface. They have been able to reduce work and bring automation to the management and activities by letting customers log into the portal to access the required details. In the same way, vendors can also log in and manage their attachments, invoices, and spiff due easily with a vendor portal.


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