Client Requirements

Workrite Ergonomics aimed to provide specialized login panels for customers and vendors, ensuring tailored access and functionalities for enhanced engagement and efficiency.

  • Enable tailored portal access for both customers and vendors from within CRM.

  • Incorporate support for Accounts, Customer Orders, and SPAs, displaying data related to multiple TSN and Account Numbers.

  • Allow vendors direct access, introduce a new login page for SPIF users, and enable attachment uploads and downloads.

  • Display specific SPIF due records related to each vendor number on the portal.

  • Present associated invoices within the SPIF Due Detail Page, enhancing vendor’s data accessibility.


We crafted a unified portal, integrating role-based access and custom functionalities to cater to the distinct needs of customers and vendors.

  • Unified Access: Implemented role management to support two user types within a single website, streamlining access and functionalities.

  • Customer Portal Enhancements: Customized default portal to include customer orders and SPA object access, and API calls for account and TSN number details.

  • Vendor Portal Features: Enabled display of SPIF due records and associated invoices, along with attachment handling functionalities, tailored to vendor numbers.


View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Enhanced User Experience

The single interface, tailored to user roles, enhanced data access and management for both customers and vendors.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Automated Customer Engagement

Customers could seamlessly access and manage their accounts, orders, and SPAs, reducing manual workload for the client.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Streamlined Vendor Interaction

Vendors benefited from easy management of attachments, invoices, and SPIF due records, enhancing efficiency and engagement.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Operational Efficiency

The client realized significant operational improvements, with automated data management and streamlined user engagement processes.

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