Client Requirements

The client wanted users to view and add assets, manage documents using Box, and have a platform to manage their own, spouse’s, and children’s information.

  • Users should be able to easily track all their assets, including market values, and add new assets with unique attributes.

  • Users should be able to manage their documents autonomously, with Box integration.

  • Solution should accommodate the user’s details and those of their spouse and children.


Taking the client’s requirements into consideration, the solution we devised would help with the following

  • Dynamic Asset View: We crafted an intuitive portal interface, allowing users to instantly log in and access their diverse assets, with different asset record types with market values. Furthermore, users could conveniently add, edit, or remove assets as needed.

  • Tailored Document Management: Our solution integrates with Box for easy document management. Users can upload files directly from the portal, ensuring secure storage and easy retrieval.

  • Holistic Information Management: We created a user-friendly profile page for managing personal information, spouse and sponsoring details, and information about children.


View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Empowered Financial Decision-Making

Users could confidently make informed financial decisions by accessing a comprehensive view of their assets and market values, leading to enhanced financial planning and management.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Simplified Document Collaboration

The seamless integration with Box and the ability to upload, share, and download documents directly from the portal streamlined document collaboration, reducing manual coordination efforts.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Effortless Information Updates

Users could easily update their personal, spouse, and children’s details through the user-centric profile page, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records without manual intervention.

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