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A custom medical portal to streamline the management of clinics

  1. Cruz Garcia

    Cruz Garcia is a dental service provider in Jaén city, Spain. They have clinics at multiple locations. They provide an overall dental care facility, from cleaning, and Orthodontics to oral surgery.

  2. Requirements:

    The aim of having a portal was to streamline all their branch operations, patient appointments, and records. Instead of having to give access to their CRM, which can cause too much exposure to their data, the portal gives limited access to certain information and it can be specific to a particular clinic. So only the right people can have access to the patients’ data that come to their clinic. Their other requirements were:

    • Detailed Dashboard: They wanted to provide a detailed dashboard view to their clinic operators with a neat view of the day’s appointments, patients’ details, etc. This also had to include patients’ previous visit records if they had visited just a year before a particular date.

    • Patient notification: In order to send notifications, appointment confirmations, and reminders to patients, the clinic should be able to have a ready list of patients filtered by different variables. So they needed a way to make this list for all the patients that they needed to notify.

    • Documentation: Along with all other patient details, there was also a need to add consent forms to their virtual file.

  3. Solutions:

    • Custom Dashboard:

      We added a custom dashlet on the dashboard for patients who may have visited on that particular date, before a year.

    • Target List:

      We provided a special Target List feature where the clinic admin can add all the patients that they have to notify.

    • Verified Documentation:

      We allowed every clinic to upload their own consent forms (PDF) and allowed them to select them for each patient depending on their treatment.

  4. Results:

    The portal access redefined the way all their clinics function. Instead of having to wade through patient records across all clinics for the day, everyone can get the information they need for their patient with a single click or search query.

    Giving access to everyone via the portal ensures that there is no compromise of data security and integrity.

    The client’s idea to streamline administrative processes of a number of clinics without a complicated process of back and forths was realized.

    The portal decreases their repetitive tasks, makes appointment management a breeze and there is seamless communication with the patients.

  5. Why CRMJetty:

    • Here’s what our client had to say about our work: CRMJetty team is very supportive and they were able to give a fast resolution to any problem that popped up during the setup of the portal. They communicated over Skype for the demo and their communication was streamlined through a single medium throughout the process, making it simpler. We were always kept in the loop.

    • CRMJetty has the industry expertise with over 12 years of experience to cater to any of your requirements when it comes to portals. No matter how complex your business logic might be, we can create a portal to automate your workflow to help you save your time and resources.


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