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Customer Management Made Hassle-Free with Case and Email Management

  1. Introduction:

    MSP360™-Software Computer is a backup solution provider headquartered in the US. It offers cutting-edge SaaS solutions that are simple, cloud-based, and profitable for MSPs.

  2. Requirements:

    • Automatic generation of cases in Salesforce itself for every concern customers send via emails.

    • Subsequent communication after the generation of a case in the portal only via the email thread of the case.

    • Support for sending email directly from an already generated case.

    • Provide support for attachments in emails to the customers within the portal.

  3. Solutions:

    • We used Salesforce email to generate cases with emails and provide “Cases” functionality to fulfill client requirements.

    • We configured the Email section in the “Case Details” page in the portal.

    • We have also provided functionality to allow the customers to attach multiple attachments with the email they send via the portal.

  4. Results:

    • The client has been successful to enhance customers’ experience by providing direct access to all the past communication data right within the portal.

    • They have also succeeded in cutting down time on checking every individual email, email attachments, and adding cases manually in the portal. This has helped them increase their overall efficiency of case management.


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