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Client Requirements

The client required a level platform for accountants and partners to create leads and opportunities for different companies that require liquidation.

  • Secure platform for accountants to access relevant information and collaborate effectively.

  • The client required a comprehensive visualization of leads to aid accountants in understanding lead status and progression.

  • Accommodate multiple companies, each requiring efficient lead and opportunity management.

  • Partners needed an automated way to calculate and track fees associated with different relationships.


After conducting an in-depth analysis of the issue, we came up with two portals that can help them manage the process

  • Different Logins for Accountants and Partners: We implemented separate portals for accountants and partners, ensuring secure and customized access.

  • Lead Management for Accountants: Accountants gained the ability to create leads, view leads associated with their customers, and monitor lead statuses.

  • Charts and Filters for Better Visualization: A dynamic bar chart with date and source filters provided enhanced visualization of lead statuses for accountants.

  • Lead Management for Partners: Partners accessed a dedicated portal to view and update lead details, facilitating efficient collaboration.

  • Auto-Calculate Payments: Upon lead conversion, partners could input fee amounts for various relationship types, and the system automatically calculated payments based on the annual fee schedule.


View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Enhanced Collaboration

Accountants and partners seamlessly collaborated on the same projects, improving communication and teamwork.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Efficient Lead Management

Accountants created and monitored leads efficiently, while partners effectively managed lead details and statuses.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Clear Visual Insights

The visual representation of lead statuses, complete with dynamic charts and filters, provided accountants with a clear understanding of project progress.

View their invoices with an option to download them as PDFs

Automated Fee Calculation

Partners experienced streamlined fee calculation, saving time and reducing manual errors in payment calculations.

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